This gentleman's name is dek'Wit ( Yes, with the capitals where they are ). He's part of the act "The Wik'edt Man". He's telepathic and telekinetic. Also having powers of "spiritual healing" helps. He stands about 188cm ( 6'2" ) and appears to be around his early thirties but is much younger. He calls himself a Shaman by race.

Hair Style A mix of #22 and #7.
Hair Color: Cadet Gray
Eye Color: Harvest Gold
Skin Tone: Bronze or Espresso
Other physical information? dek'Wit calls himself a Shaman, which is a race kind of like an apparition. All it means is his race has powers different from other races. Since he is a Shaman, he has many seals and tattoos that help him channel his power. On his left inner forearm, a fusion of "sun" and "fire" is tattooed. On his right inner forearm, a mix of "serpent" and "game" is tattooed. On the back of his upper neck the far left, lower design is tattooed.

dek'Wit has an interesting personality; it's hard to pin down. He's cautious and wary of just about everyone but the Scarred Children, Chess and Robert ( whom he refers to as "Robbie" ). He was outcast from his tribe for his Shamanic powers as they scared people and he's accidentally removed people's memories with his mental powers. He's vowed to use those powers only in a dire situation as they caused much harm. Wandering for quite some time, helping people here and there, he was picked up by the Fair and is "old news".

He doesn't really change out of his performance outfit; the only addition when he performs is a more decorative headpiece and painting his tattoos Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, and Lava, respectively ( he has someone help him with with painting his neck tattoo ). He usually paints them with two fingers, so they are really thick and stick out.

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