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Name: Asuka Akabane
Age: 17
Personality: Asuka is extremely timid, even when she does open up to others. She can't help it though, she was never really allowed to talk to other kids. She grew up in a rich family, and was expected to take various classes on manners, grammar, tea ceremonies, piano playing, violin playing, you name it! Asuka is determined to not let her past ruin her dream though! She wants to run a tea club!
Story: Asuka's dream is to run a large tea business that uses nothing but the most amazing of herbs, but before she can strike that big she decided to run a tea club at her high school!! The only thing is she needs at LEAST two other members to make it an official club. Will she find others to join her club before it's to late to submit club applications, or will it all fall apart?

Willing to use her in other plots, just ask.

Status: Plot/Character not taken.