After a very exciting conference involving the gay community, I'm back to try and hone in on my writing. I can't say I've had a good start. My homework has piled up higher than the Himalayas, and for some reason my professors think it might be important for me to turn in everyone? Haha, well anyway I've been checking the archives on here, and apparently people do creep on my journal? That is a bit exciting I guess.
Hmm, what fuels my fire tonight?
A little bit of everything, for instance, I was not able to write another small post while I was at the Creating Change conference. It was inspired by something called a "Poem Oracle" I had never heard of this until last Thursday, and apparently you pick a letter, and single those words out that begin with that letter, creating a new poem? The other option was to make an entirely different poem mainly using one letter.
Anyway, I decided to try this tonight, but I wasn't looking at poetry when I started to write this.

I cry tears of terror, and rust tarnishes my mask.
Trembling, I trace the edge of my dagger, and in a trance I look past you.
I tore into your heart, and the torment taunted me.
Tinted eyes stare back at me, oh titan, how I have taken you down.
Is it the treachery you've never guessed?

Tyranny ultimately claimed you my master, and I tried to tame you.
My tragedy is that I could never teach you to value sanity.
How transparent of you to think that I could let you continue to taint us.
I will transcend your deadly elegance when you are gone.

As you transition into a world I cannot envision, you beckon for me...
I am no longer your temple, and you will make this trek alone.
The tepid empty heart of yours ceased to tremor.
I'm triumphant.

My final test, was to terminate you.