About Me

Username: Shinji (Shin / Shi/ Xero.)
Alias: Zero.

Age: 23

- Gets pissed off easily.
- Has trust issues.
- Doesn't trust anyone except his closest friends.
- Doesn't have many friends.
- Overprotective.
- Not a very nice person.
- Only nice if you're nice to him.
- Hates being used and toyed with.
- Very quiet and serious.

- Rain.
- Anime
- Manga
- Video Games
- Cartoons
- Music (LIFE)
- Food
- Friends
- Respect
- Trust

- Trolls
- Spammers
- Hackers
- Scriptors
- Cyberers
- Succubus
- Elitists
- Bdsm
- 'I am poses'
- Annoying people
- Fan crazed people
- Jerks
- Poking
- Emo
- Screamo
- Rap
- Dubstep
- The band LMFAO
- Homestuck
- Twilight
- Harry potter
- Music today

More About Me

I am a very quiet and serious person.
However if you get to know me more and if I like you, then that could change.
If you're a jerk to me, I'll just put you on ignore.
I'm not going to deal with drama anymore.
I've had enough of that in the past.

I don't think of myself as "too cool" for people to talk to.
I just talk to people who I think are nice and friendly.

Friend Requests

I don't like random friends requests.
Please do not send me them if I have never talked to you before.
Get to know me first.

My friendship is not taken for granted. You have to earn it.
I don't accept friendships with people I do not like or if you are friends with people I do not like.

If you are friends with my enemies, I will not add you to my friends list.
Chances are, I will not talk to you, either.
Apologies, but it's just the way I am.
I get hurt when seeing my friends do that.
I do not like to be "second place" from my enemies.
If you don't like it, take yourself off my friends list or I will do it myself.
Tired of having friends who aren't my friends.

If your profile is on private or does not allow me to view any information about you, I will not accept your friend request.

Ghosties (People On Ignore)

I like to fireball people who irritate me.
I have over ALOT of people on my ignore list. Cleared my ignore list.
If you want to know if I have you on ignore, look my name up in your friends list page and you will see "They're ignoring me." next to your name.
If you get on my ignore list, don't expect me to take you off
...unless you have a good reason for me to.
That would be the only time I take you off...but it's rare.

I will put you on ignore if you do any of the following:

* Troll.
* Hack
* Spam.
* Cyber.
* Annoy.
* Emote Spam.
* Script/Client.
* Make me uncomfortable.
* Make me hate you.
* Hurt me or my friends.
* Being inappropriate.
* Friends with people I hate.

I am not a forgiving person.
When you betray me once, there is a 80% chance that I will not forgive.
I'm sick of being fooled more than once.

If you keep pestering me to take you off my ignore list, I won't.
Go cry me a river for all I care.
I do not want to have anything to do with you.
I ignored you for a pretty damn good reason.
Even if I do not remember why, it doesn't matter to me.
I don't even want to associate with you.