Author's note
Hi! Hopefully you've been reading for a while... Oh well ^_^! I just realized something though, I never named the guy... How does Tax sound? Oh well, im gonna keep calling him the guy until I find a name.
Mark woke up and found the guy sitting on him.
"I cant find her!!!" he screamed. Everyone was looking as he was being super loud. While he was having a tantrum Mark left in search of the princess, but since he didn't have a lead s to where he should start he asked around the town, and after that failed he pulled out the map that the princess gave him. The treasure! Since the princess asked him to do it then he might as well do it! The first thing he did was head towards the closest place from Ridgeport. Boogle woods. Before he left he looked inside the window where the guy was still having a tantrum. Slowly tiptoeing away he headed for Boogle woods looking for the treasure