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A minor epiphany
So I was sitting around playing pokemon last night. Just grinding through the course trying to get a set of 6 IV pokemon. I would wager I probably spend.. I do not know at least 6 hours or more trying to get these pokemon.. honestly I do not really keep track of how long I spend doing this. All I know is that I have been working at it for a couple weeks now and only have 3 perfect IV pokemon. So yeah this takes a while. Then I realized something about this and socializing.

They hold a lot of similar factors. For instance I just kind of have to take a chance at what I am getting. I mean I sit down and I play the game and that is all fun and stuff. However, what stats the pokemon get are fairly random. Sometimes I have pokemon who both have two IVs generate a 4 IV pokemon and then I can ave two 5 IV pokemon generate a two IV pokemon. So it is really random, I am not sure how many pokemon I have breed doing this. Anyway this is similar to people in the sense that some suck and some are not so sucky. Really you have to choose at random who to talk too and hope that things work out. I guess that there are far more explainable factors that casue people to suck than pokemon to suck, since pokemon are computer randomness, but still I think you guys know what I mean.

However, there is one real glaring difference here, which makes this less of an epiphany. The closest thing to strategy that I can get with pokemon is knowing that pokemon will pass on their traits. If a pokemon has a perfect Attack IV. I know that will make sure that one of the children has a perfect attack IV, maybe.. sometimes. I also know that the Destiny Knot allows each pokemon to pass up to 5 IVs. However, that is about as much as I can tell you. As where with socializing, I can come up with any number of ideas and things to do to hold peoples interest. I mean you will never find books on pokmon breeding. So that is one difference, I have many plans of attack. I don't know that seems pretty different from just hoping something works out.

Then once I have my team I can level them up, teach them moves, and beat the crap out of people online. So once I have them I can continue to enjoy them. On the plus side, I do not have to worry about pissing them off or them losing interest in me. You know those things that people do all the time. I guess you can run into the randomness of life or something but still. Once the pokemon are to level 100 they are perfect and can be used and reused as much as I need them to be. People on the other hand can decide if they want to continue this relationship.

Anyway, where might I be going with this and why do I call this an epiphany. I was just thinking about it at work today that is all. I realized that if I put as much time into being around people as I do being around pokemon. I might actually improve, however, then I thought of the above reasons as to why I cannot really compare the two since they share such major differences. Despite the fact that both require time and effort. At the end of the day though, I will take the pokemon breeding over people. Since the only really random part about pokemon breeding is what IVs come through the pokemon. That is the difference with nice sets of bits and people. People I have to deal with their personal opinions and stuff like that. I have to keep them happy and interested in me. I have to do all that stuff. Yes indeed there is a lot that has to be done with people. Which is why I am smart enough to know, that it will be minimum a decade before I could actually make a friend. Even longer to make myself appear like I might be a viable mate. Even longer to get to the whole point of talking to females, mating. So yeah while this was a small epiphany, it was still one. I have these from time to time. However, no matter what it is easy to remember that females are only good for sex and sex is not so wonderful that it is worth the effort to process all the stuff I have to do to get it much less do it.

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