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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.
Derrick's 25th Birthday.
So yesterday, Derrick turned 25 year old rofl

I remember Derrick texting me last Wed night, but I was in my bed…with my man…so I didn't talk to him until the next day at work. I saw that he requested off for the coming weekend and I asked where he was going and he replied, "WE'RE going to New York!" thus reminding me that his birthday was on Monday.

Ugh lol Ya'll know I love Derrick but I was not feeling this New York trip…I just wasn't. I didn't want to travel, I didn't want to spend money, and I did not want to be in New York xp But I also didn't want to be a bad friend so I had Rob drop me off at work with my bag that morning (since he was supposed to come over the night before and flaked) and after I got off on Saturday at 3pm we hopped on the 4pm Chinabus and headed to New York, bags and all. We got up there around 6:30pm and headed straight to Harlem and Aaron's apartment.

Must I take the time out to say that Aaron lives in a very nice neighborhood which is very ideal. It's one of those ideal up and coming locations like South Philadelphia and Georgia Ave. There's a grocery store literally next door to his apartment, liquor stores, corner stores, fast food, Showtime at the Apollo, and EXPRESS train stop, and the Upper West Side is all of 20 blocks south. The apartment itself is very nice as well (minus the smell, weed, and extra tenants). It's a two bedroom, quite spacious, washer/dryer unit, 1.5 bath, like…..it's just very ideal and so not New York. I wonder how much he pays in rent. neutral

So anyway, the entire weekend we stayed in Harlem, which was preferable for me because I wasn't feeling the whole New York experience. I didn't really feel like going downtown (although we were supposed to go to Greenhouse, and I do miss that place).

4laugh Saturday 4laugh

Not too much happened. We made it to Aaron's, chilled for a bit, and hit it to Kelsey's (one of Derrick's friends) where Kelsey and Derrick got into a disagreement about the state of their friendship….which was being mediated (unsuccessfully) by Deandre (Aaron's roommate). All the while we were taking shots of E&J (after Derrick and I had been drinking vodka all day xp ). Eventually, that went no where and we headed to Bryan's house which was to be our final stop before hitting the club. Apparently we drank more there too and I got tooooooo fuked up. Stomach hurting and everything…..me and Derrick hopped into a cab w/ Deandre and went back to Aaron's. Apparently we left Aaron there (who I could've sworn was right behind us) and he didn't get home until the next morning after passing out on Bryan's couch. All I know is that I woke up with all three of us in the bed and thinking (how could all three of us fit in here xp )

ninja Superbowl Sunday ninja

We woke up Sunday morning and went to the store next door to Aaron and got some fruit and stuff to try to help the hangover. I ate the fruit and felt better, laid back down…and felt bad again. I couldn't get myself to get up, shower, and get out to brunch. I told them to leave me and I'd meet them there, but I ended up passing back out. It was nice sleeping in the bed without the other two. Eventually Deandre came into my room with his laptop and some chicken and started watching Memoirs of a Geisha. For the life of me I could. not. understand why he came in and disturbed my slumber…but whatever. He offered me a piece of chicken and I watched the rest of it with him. Bryan eventually came over and they smoked and we all just chatted and kii'd before Bryan headed to a casting and went off to work.

Deandre eventually knocked out in Aaron's bed. I decided to steal a towel and take a shower, got dressed, and met them at brunch. I can't even remember the place we went to. I just know it was small, and before I got there Derrick broke a glass on accident…only him xp I met Don, a shady, large, 30+ they who is a reporter on CBS in the city.

cheese_whine HFB cheese_whine

After that, Don departed and we went to Harlem Food Bar where I got to eat and we had a few drinks. I wasn't particularly sure about the vibe of that place, but Aaron and I got to discussing that the vibe I was feeling was pretty typical for many New York establishments. Everyone puts on to be something that they're not and everyone is very opportunistic. We talked about how NYC is a "steeping stone" for Aaron for his greater dream being Los Angeles, but how he wasn't particularly….super…fond of the city and didn't see himself there a whole lot longer. Basically, many sentiments that I felt. According to Aaron, the opportunity presented itself to move to New York and he said, "Hey, why not."…which is something I would definitely do.

Antiways….HFB was okay. I ordered a salmon BLT which was kinda….nasty. The mac and cheese balls were actually really good. And the special tater tots that the owner (some built/fat older white they that loved black men) suggested that we try….were just okay as well. Womp.

exclaim Superbowl exclaim

After HFB, we went back to Aaron's and just chilled. Derrick took a nap. Bryan came over (or was already there) and we watched Superbowl 48 (Seattle Seahawks, vs. Denver Broncos) which wasn't a game at all. The final score was like 48-3 or something in favor of Seattle and Bruno put on a great show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and scored the highest halftime show audience rating of all time, formerly held by Madonna from two years ago. We also played spades (Aaron and I won) and watched RHOA reruns. Aaron and I ran out to get lokos and Popeyes (I was craving it from earlier). We smoked in Aaron's room and reminisced on our old college times. Derrick started to feel like he didn't go to the same Temple U we went to after hearing our stories, but the thing is Derrick didn't transfer until my third year….it was our first two years that were the most poppington and where most of the good stories come from. After the session there was quite a debate to what the next moves would be we decided to go to El Morocco because there was no cover and it was close. We were supposed to go to Greenhouse for a supposed "gay" night that I never heard of…..but….I don't know if it was closed….or had a cover…or we just didn't go because it wasn't gay…I don't remember.

burning_eyes El Morocco burning_eyes

Morocco was okay. We were literally there for maybe 20 minutes before leaving. It was a lot of messicans that night. It felt weird/refreshing to enter a club atmosphere again because I literally do not remember the last time I went to a club. I think it was more refreshing because literally….no one was there…it was pretty empty…it was also small…and Aaron, Derrick, and Bryan shared the same sentiments that I was. Lol, I'm not even sure if Derrick is really the "going out to clubs type". I think he is the "turn up and have a great time" type though which drags him into a lot of wild situations. Me and Bryan are homebodies at heart, Bryan is wild and crazy but at heart he's the stay home and chill type and Aaron is always gonna be about that life, but all of us collectively were not feeling El Morocco. The strippers were hot though, I witnessed one of them giving a patron a lap dance in the corner…it made me wanna go home and grab my man's a** and forcefully kiss him. wink

After the club we stopped by a corner store to get another look and went to Bryan's to chill and smoke. The only thing I remember is Derrick passing out first, then Bryan passing out, then Aaron and I having a debate about Temple Sports.

Long story short, Temple is cutting a lot of smaller sports teams in order to build a football stadium. Aaron of course is against it since our football team hasn't been performing that well, I was for it because in the long run, cutting these teams for a few years in order to not have to pay to use the Eagles Stadium every month saves the university a lot of money and it'll bring patrons to the university. That's why Temple redid Mcgonigle-Pearson so both teams can play in there instead of renting out the Liacourus Center. But alas, I ended up stripping and passing out too….all four of us in the bed (again, I don't know how….but it worked).

blaugh Monday blaugh

We woke up Monday morning to a lot of snow, we said our byes to Bryan and luckily hopped in a cab back to Aaron's, collected our things, and hopped on the A train downtown to catch the 10:30 bus that didn't get there until 11:10am. Due to all the snow I guess it was understandable. We arrived back in PHL around 2:40pm….and that was that.

I went home and Derrick went to work. After reflecting on the weekend, I actually had a good time just chillin' in Harlem. There was a lot going on in the city from Superbowl, Chinese New Year, and even Groundhog Day…but we never left Harlem…just chilled a had a good time. I think Bryan was a large part of that, I forgot how wild, crazy, and mild-mannered that he is…quite a weird combination but it always worked for me.

Now I've been back for a while and still trying to get it together. I'll write more about it in the next post.

Love & Blessings heart


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