I sing sh*t when listening to lyricless game music and other sh*t.
Here's the song for this one: http://slhrpg.bandcamp.com/track/here-comes-the-dark-boss-theme

This isn't set in any actual order; this is how I remember them to give an idea.

Weaponize my candles.
Weaponize mine hazard has.

Weaponize my candles, baby.
Weaponize mine candles has.
Weaponize mine weapons.
Weaponize mine weapon has.

Oh my, you see my weapons oh my cat.
Oh my, you see the weapons in my eyes.
Fire all of them.
Fire all my candle has.

Weaponry oh baby-slaw.
Firin' them all in mine candles.
Firin' mine candles.
Firin' them all.