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About Lucky Box!
So umm... yeah. About me. Well, I'm Lucky Pink Wings. For the love of God, please call me Lucky! My real name? It's a secret... but my friends nicknamed me Sakura at one point (nobody really calls me that though). Maybe because I like pink. It's my favorite color. I WILL give you one hint though: My best friend calls me Hime for a reason. Well, it's a thing from HappinessCharge Precure... she's Megumi and I'm Hime, but I'm still a hime anyways. Lets see...

User ImageOh! I turned 16 this year. It's been great. So far...
I love acting. I don't know if I'll pursue it, but I love it. I think it's what gets me so fascinated with RPs. sweatdrop
I also like choir and art. Those are fun classes.
Umm, I do like PE and sports, but I don't play on a team. I'm very serious when I play though. Unfortunately though, that means my face always turns red... redface
Lots of people say I'm funny and clever. I guess so? No... I know I can be, but not all the time.
My best friend tells me I'm part Yandere... *hides axe* I'm so not, dummy... wahmbulance
Ahhhh I guess from the whole Yandere part just a sec. ago you could tell I'm an otaku. Yeah I like anime and manga and I'm collecting. Currently, I'm gathering: Toradora, Soul Eater, and Oremo. (But B&N doesn't want to put out another copy of Oremo #3!!!!!!!!!! burning_eyes )
What else?

OH WAIT! I'm a big fan of the AURB and role playing in general (but didn't I already say that?) I'm also really awkward and weird and I like hugs. And cuddles. And snuggles. No not in a creepy way you pervert! I'm not a Loli or anything I swear. I also have nerdy-looking glasses, but the side pieces are so kawai- it makes me love them. They are so cute. I wear them a lot even though I don't need glasses herp-derp. They're sunglasses though except not because they're see-through.
Did I seriously spend that much time talking about my nerd glasses? Woooow.
I'VE ALWAYS LOVED MAGICAL GIRLS. Right now, my favorite anime series of all time is PRECURE.
My favorite Cures are Cure Diamond and Cure Princess. (Hey, that sounds like my tumblr: curediamondprincess)<- it's not popular.
I also love Aikatsu! and Mirai Nikki -side note: again with the Yanderes?-
My top 3 OTPs:
1) Ira x Rikka
2) Rin x Len
3) Seiji x Hime -side note: this is very recent. See episode 17 it'll make you kyun!-

OH BUT WAIT! About that tektek? Yeah, I made it to sorta kinda look like me. I don't even wear ponytails that often, much less pigtails, but it was the closest thing I could find! sweatdrop

If tektek updates though, maybe I can make a better one!

Akari Arima
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