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Expectations: Homosexuality
I was just doing a little English assignment about comparison and not living up to expectations slapped onto us by others and my mother came to my mind.
Earlier I watched a video about how homosexuals are treated where gay marriage is illegal and being openly gay is looked down upon.

So a while back (might have posted this in a journal too) I was talking to my mother and some how we ended up at marriage and my mother told that she hopes that I find a good BOY to marry. I understood what she meant but added in "Or Girl because you never know the future" (I'm asexual at the moment) but she just looked at me and said "no no, boy you have to marry a boy" and i kind of just looked at her in shock thinking 'you can't be homophobic, you have friends who are openly Gay' She continues her thought saying she wants kids and something else but I kind of ignored all that and said "Are you saying I can't be Gay? Or my brother? We can't be gay?" she just answers "yes I don't want you guys to be gay" no hint of any wrong with what she just said.

My dad would be 100% okay if I was Gay but my mother wouldn't which made me a bit concerned for future me. Now that I think on it, what if I turn out to be Heterosexual and then have kids and they be gay? Would that mean their grandmother won't accept them? So that was something I thought about today. How I won't be able to live up to my mother's expectations.
My mother is homophobic for her children and possibly her grandchildren in the future.

One thing I thought about that I have been thinking about for a while is that 100 years ago Homosexuality was considered 'wrong' and 'unnatural' which makes me think "in 100 years will we be legalizing something that is considered wrong and unnatural now?" Such as Bestiality, will that be legalized in the future? I just hope I won't be around for then because it's hard to think about, I guess that's how some old people think about Gays *awkward laugh*

OKAY so about that video I watched about how Gays were treated elsewhere it was some video a facebook friend posted and it was truly disgusting.
It was in Russia and there were multiple clips of videos where a group of men would find a gay man either by luring them out via web meet ups or just randomly in the street and these groups will film and ATTACK them. They will start off with verbal abuse then physically abuse the person and humiliate them. They would make them apologize for being themselves WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE?! Being gay is being yourself so why are they forcing apologies out of them?! WHy are they beating them up when they did nothing wrong but look for a mate or walk down the street like a normal person?!

Another note about Russia, when I was younger I thought Russia was super badass and cool because they had strong thick burly accents, were tough and the only Russian I knew was super nice so I thought Russia was full of that but as I got older I learned what a gay person was and about how Gays were treated with discrimination in the USA and last year I learned Russia had anti-gay laws. A friend convinced me that it was only the government that was homophobic which made me feel a little better but then I saw that ugly video. I feel like my respect for the country dropped a ton, I'm sure there are several hundreds, thousands! that aren't homophobic a**holes but, I just feel like my respect went down. I want to blame something, but I can't and I can't really say anything without being called another person online without a voice. I would blame the police but they're just doing what they are told to do, I would blame the people but they are doing what they can, I would blame the gays for not protecting themselves and standing up but I couldn't do it either if I was in that situation.

If I could change the world in heartbeat, I would start with getting rid of discrimination that leads to violence.

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