Why is it so hard to help me? Why aren't I content with a simple question, I ask them to go away from me but i want them to comeback. I see them all leaving and i'm waiting for one to come back and notice me, notice me. see beyond that sadness that I am and see the goodness, see that i'm not wretched.
Get away from me, you don't know anything! You don't want to know anything, why do you keep asking?! I hate you for thinking that you can make me feel better, how arrogant of you! You can't fix me!
That's not it, that's not why i hate you, i hate you because you're stupid! you're different! You don't know, you can't fathom, I've never seen you come close to this! I'm not asking you to help, I can help myself! I know that you can't do anything, don't you see?! you fool!

f*ck I just deleted everything I wrote!!!
probably for the best anyways. The other stuff was just me trying to push out more from the (mostly) empty toothpaste.