hey guys!!! mrgreen how are you doing today? I'm pretty darn happy to be honest cat_whee met myself a new friend on meetme.com yum_puddi I even got to hang out with him in person on February 2nd (not that long ago, lmao!) cat_rofl anywho, his name is Geramy (short for Geremiah, but idk how he spells it lol) cat_sweatdrop and he's my age! emotion_awesome he's totes cool beans emotion_brofist yup!

On a random side note, my older sister helped me re-dye my hair purple today emotion_dowant it's like totally epic and darker now. I LOVE it!!!! emotion_bigheart I shall post a pic or two on my profy soon emotion_yatta okies, that's all for today so thanks for reading and please subscribe/recommend! wink