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Vampire Realm
love me sweets
Valentines was supposed to be a good day. You go out with your boyfriend and get flowers and chocolate. It's a day when couples go out and spend quality time together, perpetrated by the media and supermarket industry. That of course, doesn't change the fact that there is a monumental amount of love and lust floating around in the month of February.

Unfortunately this was not true for some.

"Sora, you're being ridiculous." Mimi looked about as annoyed as she felt. Arms crossed, hip tilted, and a look that clearly said she was done with everything.

"Ridiculous? Have you walked outside today? Have you?" Sora's voice was rising and with a wave of her hand another set of window's in her home disappeared leaving blank walls in their place. "It's like...it's like..KARI. You know. Tell her what it's like!" She shook her hands at me violently and I flinched back from them.

"Yo, watch where you're pointing those things. I already want to have sex with everything that moves, I don't need to get hit by your wonky a** love magic."

"You guys are impossible. We have a date tonight for Demeter's sake."

"Oh I'm sorry, is our sincerity bothering you? It must be so hard handling all that truth and honesty everyone feels on that one holiday. Oh wait! There is no special truth telling holiday! Would you look at that!"

"Who knew."

"Right Kari? I'm just, absolutely ******** floored."

Mimi groaned and rolled her eyes "I'm going to strangle you both I swear..."

"Ooooh kinky...I'm game if you are..." an eyebrow wiggle that would probably put my brother's to shame.

"Kari. No." Sora shot me a look, and then turned it on Mimi "Could you not? Look what you've started." She gestured at me, and for a moment it was like her face didn't know what it was doing. Half her face got this faraway, I'm in love look, and the other was still trying to glare daggers at us. "Uh! It's still getting in!"

"Sora don-" Mimi reach out for her, but Sora was already on a mad mission to board up the rest of her home.

Sighing she flopped down on the nearest couch and let her face fall into her hands, shaking her head slowly back and forth. "Why can't we have one normal Valentine's date. Is that too much to ask?"

"Is it too much to ask for you to put a jacket on? Your boobs are really distracting...are they always that nice."

Mimi looked up at me with a bland expression. Pretty sure the 'are you ******** kidding me right now' couldn't have been expressed any louder even if she'd gone right out and said it.

"That's it!" She surged to her feet again "I'm calling the boys. I refuse to miss another date night and I've been planning this for weeks." She sashayed out of the room, and I tried really hard not to follow, as I curled up into a tighter ball on the couch. "We're having it here."

"What?! No!" Sora ran to jump in front of Mimi, putting herself in front of the telephone. "Are you insane? They'll bring all those pheromones from outside. I don't know about you but I'd really rather not have the image of Kari trying to climb T.k like a tree permenantly glued to my brain."

I raised a hand "As the person who would be doing the tree climbing I would like to agree with that statement."

"Nope, I forbid it. We're staying in here, and the boys are staying out there."

"Did you call?" There was the all too familiar sound of someone orbing into the room, followed not long after by an even more familiar voice. With a grown I turned and tried to bury my face in the couch, hiding from the sudden explosion of desire in my head and body. T.k was here, and Matt and Ty with him. Just what we needed.

I didn't see Mimi's smug look, but I could imagine it "Guess you forgot to ward the house against orbing huh?"

"You are so lucky I am literally ******** incapable of expressing hatred right now."

"Sora I got you chocolate"

"******** off Ty...oooh it's shaped like little hearts how cu- No. No, No, absolutely not. Get them away from me, I don't want them."

Yeah today was going to be one hell of a Valentines day.

"Kari are you-"

T.k's voice was really ******** close, and my eyes shot open as the image of him screaming my name in um...well, best not to think about any of that right then. I don't think I'd moved that fast before in my life. One second I was on the couch, the next I was half way across the room, pinned to a corner of the ceiling. "If you value keeping your close on I suggest you stay on that side of the room, sound good." Tk had been just about to touch my shoulder by the looks of it, now he looked up at me with a grin on his face.

That expression, oh god. I hate him. I want him. ******** everything.

Oh for ******** sake, tonight was going to be a long night.

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