My pet is doing a little better. She's eating more readily, so I don't have to fret as much or feed her as often as before, though I still have to feed her every eight hours to make sure she's getting plenty into her. I think whatever was wrong with her is going away. Though I'm going to keep up the new feeding schedule for a few more weeks just to be safe.

Not much else to mention this week. My room mate is doing better, though not completely healed up yet. No JWs. The thread I made asking for help with my writing produced splendid results and a lot of the things I had problems with have been worked out, but not all of them. Due to the questions posed there have even been some added that I hadn't seen before. But it is wonderful to get such things spotted before work starts so I don't have to go back and fix it later.

Since this entry is a bit skimpy, I guess a little anecdote wouldn't hurt to add:

Earlier today I got into bed to take a nap. The striped orange furball that is the neighborhood cat laying comfortably across from me on the bed. I petted her for a minute then I closed my eyes. Just before going completely into dreamland, I hear this purring next to my head. Upon opening my eyes I see her standing there, looking at me. What did she want? I certainly didn't pet her enough to make her that happy. Maybe she wanted to get past me so she could go get some food. I lifted my head and petted her some more. She walked onto my pillow, stopped, sniffed the pillow, and started kneeding it. "No," I thought. "She wants to go eat. She wouldn't take my one and only pillow." I nudged her a little, thinking she might be prompted to jump down and go get some food in the next room. Instead, she curled her front paws under her body so that she was in a laying position. With a smug look on her kitty face, she continued to purr and sit there. "Damn it." If the pillow were larger, or if I had another one, or if she didn't insist on taking up so much space with her fat a**, it would not have been such a problem. As it was, however, there was only a little corner left for me. And that is where I fell asleep. With my head next to her back end, and her happily purring for no known reason other than she got what she wanted. Someone else would have made her move. That someone else isn't me, who is easily pushed around ruled by a cat.