People who suffer from addiction are human beings caught in a bad situation. They are unfortunate and cannot escape it without a great amount of effort and help.

In countries like the United States where drug users are vilified, they are further ostracised and often become the criminals society paints them as. They hide away their secrets, unable to get the help they need.

Even when they ask for help, a lack of access to proper treatment facilities is another extraneous problem.

If society were controlled by me (and at times I wish it were), I would abolish the criminalisation of any drug and let the police of the world actually focus on real crimes. Then, with all of the money I save, I would not only fund better research into addiction treatments, I would also create FREE programmes that give addicts a safe place to access and use.

Thus, overdose and bad batch related deaths would be nearly unheard of and drug cartels would lose much of their funding, as any human being with a lick of sense would trust the government over a shady guy in an alley.