Lark and Mark lived in the Toadsrump kingdom and Mark was known as a hero while Lark was known as his not so common sidekick. Lark didn't mind, so whenever Mark gets a letter to go save princess Pie from some big crisis, Lark would secretly sneak out and go find some trouble to fix hopefully building up his reputation, but now we can ignore Lark because the story starts with Mark and a letter from princess Pie:
Dear Mark,
I have some news for you and it does not involve me getting kidnapped ^_^! I was spending a day off touring the parts of the Toadsrump kingdom that I do not usually see or visit and I met this merchant who sold me a box. The merchant said that this box contained a map to a secret treasure and sold me the box. When I opened it, it did have a map! I was thinking though why it was kinda just a map and wanted to find out more, so I gave you the map to find out! Meet me in the sewer town Ridgeport. Good luck with your adventures!
-Princess Pie ^_^

Mark Took the map that was with the letter and showed it to Lark.
"Im going to Ridgeport to help the princess! its this place right?" Mark pointed to the map and Lark nodded. After that Mark set off to the sewer town Ridgeport while Lark pretended to make a snack. When Mark was out of sight Lark saw another letter in the box that he didn't give to Mark and Lark left too forgetting the stove was on...
Authors note:
Well that was the end of the first part and I don't really know how the rest of this story will play out but this part was at least okay right? Oh well I don't really care but keep reading ^_^!