Omg I've missed Gaia so much. I haven't had internet for a VERY long time. I missed the internet too but mostly I missed this site. I missed how much I feel like I belong here, I've missed my friends, and I've really missed dressing up my avi with a bunch of cute clothes. I really missed zOMG! too but now that I'm back I've been playing it all the time. I was a little confused at first because I thought a lot more would have been added to it in the years I've been gone but nothing really has changed besides them adding DMS and after playing that once I really don't care for it. There is too much new lingo in the game and I really don't care for joining a crew that makes me change my rings all the time. I have my own rings sets for a reason and that reason is because those rings I wear work for me so don't make me go chaning my buffs and telling me my ring set sucks. Also the time for joining a crew and when everyone goes to the null to change theirs rings is long and boring. I don't want to wait that long to go on a run. I guess I'm mostly a solo player, but I miss having a crew that could all work together nicely, those crews are so hard to find.