Bree Skylar

Bree is 17,and about 5 foot 9" She has yellowish blond hair that is down to her belly button, and has tealy green blue eyes with almost pale skin.Her body type is very thin with almost no curves with small-medium breasts. Her thong is revealed when wearing pants/shorts/skirts.

She is a senior in highschool and has a part time job as a cashier in a blockbusters. She seems to have a really spunky and bubbly personality on the outside because shes always smiling and seems very energetic. but she is really into dark type of things like scary movies and creepy stuff. she isn't scared of anything and can watch scary movies at night by herself. She likes the suspense and excitement but they never scare her. the only thing that seems to creep her out a bit are clowns.

Her favorite animal is a wolverine she thinks they are the most cuddly thing she has ever seen, dispute how vicious they can be.. She has a stunning voice and always sings country songs in the shower.

Her favorite food is fruit especially bananas. She likes to paint her nails yellow,black, or royal blue since thoughs her favorite colors. She tends to be very anti-social because she spends too much time on her compuder playing games like minecraft or other online games, She has a addiction of biting her tounge so she's seen a lot with her tounge sticking out while she's biting down on it. She says its been a childhood addiction and she doesn't know how it started.

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She can be drawn with the outfit below also.
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