in ******** gaia's name and that of lanzer's holy ******** head---

I hate Zi's Paparazzi thread because now I'm writing cresolae fanfiction. Probably going to post on my AO3 account. Unsure if I will link it. It's just a smutty stupid pickup of Airship Saga. I can't believe how thirsty we are for continuations at this point.

Hell, maybe I'll throw it on tumblr and send it to Reapersun. She'd appreciate it, I'm sure. Cocksucking a-plenty of what amounts to her professional OCs.

Thanks, GCD. Thanks, GCD UPS thread. Thanks, GCD Paparazzi thread. Thanks, Yeata Zi. Thanks, Reapersun. Thanks, Airship Saga. Thanks, gay porn.
What the hell would I do without any of you.