i spent chinese new year eating dalkkalbi with mike & libs, abby and david.

dalkkalbi is chicken, in strips/chunks with cabbage, garlic, some jalapenos, sweet potatos, scallions/onions, and tteokbokki all in a hot pepper paste based sauce and it's stir fried on the table right in front of you.

it's delicious, but often it gives me issues. i ate it anyway. and i must say - because we didn't add extra peppers, i did pretty ok. biggrin

after that we went and played apples to apples. good times.

friday i spent all day inside. i hadn't slept well despite staying up til 3am. i woke up at 6. so i decided it didn't matter what i did - i just needed to vegetate if i couldn't sleep. ended up napping from noon til 3pm. LOL. but after that, i managed to sleep. and last night i was able to sleep pretty okay too.
i think my body is slowly adjusting! yay!

yesterday i went to lotteria with david. he was all "you bought my burger, i gotta buy you something." so not korean. i told him that i'm his noona and he should let me pay. besides i invited him out and he wasn't hungry really but he came anyway.

i had some profound thought yesterday but forgot to write it down, so now it's gone.

ooo. my ramyeon (ram yun ; rhymes with onion) is nice and soggy now. MMMM!