I'm just going to use this list to remember all the users and anons that have put a smile on my face by giving me gifts.
started on 1/31/2014

I sincerely appreciate everything i get
i read every message that goes along with my gifts
and honestly they are the most entertaining part.

and i want to make it clear
I never receive a gift and turn around to resell it
unless thats what the person gave it to me for.

Ivory Rose from Azial
Bone Wearer from pixel unicorns
Thea the Unicorn(s) from Ben and StrawJerrys and blvcked
Coffee and Cake Snack Tray from VintagexLace
Demonic Pendant from The Psychedelic Rose
SBX Remake from xZ0mbiesx
Embarrassed Dreams from Normally Weird
Astra-45: Glass Rose Wings from Spiritus Vitae
Club Verge September 2013 Birthday Crown from Booba Fett
Club Verge December 2013 Birthday Crown from x-CrimsonRevolver
Club Verge November 2013 Birthday Crown from iDumDum
Love's Warrior from xZ0mbiesx
Puck the Pug from Fruiti Tooti
Candy Heart from Griever Lol Zi
Light Spirit from G-Mini
Cup of Milk from M E E P I N
Silkrose Stroll and 6.5M from Dr Lul heart
Vivacenote from Jensen ls Awesome

Creamy Mini Angel Wings from Stranger Danger
Thea the Unicorn from Invisible Princess Anon
Kiki Kitty Plushie from X-Gifter
Le Pavot Rose from ANON
Pastel Sweetie from Anon Sempai
Club Verge February 2013 Birthday Crown fromTV Head Anon
Peach Happy Frog Umbrella from The Kawaii Anon
SDPlus #484 P.U.G. from CuddleButt Anon