During one of the rare free days that he and his fellow mercenaries were allowed, Medic wandered down the steep cliffs to the creek snaking between them. It took him nearly an hour to navigate the sharp rocks, tiny overhangs and narrow tracks downwards, but it was well worth the scrapes and bruises. So far below the twin opposing bases, the world was quiet and tranquil. Some areas, the cliffs had crumbled into the creek, creating obstacles for water to flow around or even over. The creek itself was slightly muddy, but splashed white when rushing over the jagged rock chunks poking out of its bed. The bed of the creek was made up of smoothed rocks and freshly-broken rough ones. There was only a meter of walking space between the edge of the water and the cliff face, but it was more than enough for him. Sitting on a large, somewhat smooth boulder, Medic breathed in the cool air and drank in the peace. He hadn't felt so calm or safe in all the months that he had served Builders League United. As a Medic, he was BLU team's primary healer and occasional weapon of mass devastation, in the form of Ubers which his medigun would charge up and provided temporary invulnerability. That also meant that he was the biggest target on the battlefield, because so long as he was standing, his pockets (those he was healing currently) would be hard to take down. The first few weeks, Medic had been so slow and gullible that he woke up in Respawn more often than not. He couldn't survive longer than a few minutes during any of the battles and lost the charge for his Ubers every time. His team were not impressed and they said as much, both in and out of the arranged battles. The RED mercenaries- Reliable Excavation and Demolitions' team for combating land disputes against BLU- found his slow and gullible reactions to be entertaining. Their Scout