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Misunderstood Peoples: AMERICA

i dont understand why are people so afraid of and annoyed of war refugees and muslims. yes, i am aware of all the grammatical mistakes and such, for this is meant to be a quick thought-puke and i did not proofread

"theyre terrorists, they do polygamy, theyre weird, they need to go back to where they came from! "

first off, you cant assume anything about anyone if you havent known them or their culture(as in how they treat other people, how they feel about other people, and why) on a personal basis for a specific person. everyone wants to be treated well--what makes them any different? well, most of these people wouldnt even know. they get sh*t thrown at them so much for just looking a certain way when they cant do anything about it.its just different culture, not a bad one. theyre wonderful in their own aspects. my muslim friends act just like anyone else would, and treat them just as well. of polygamy, its obvious to say that you cant exactly commit that in america. ive seen this show on tlc where theres these american sisters married to one guy, haha, go figure. i have many muslim friends and my parents were war refugees. if you cant understand them, you have absolutely no right to judge them--logic? apply the golden rule. if my parents "came back to where they came from," i wouldnt be here. in fact, no one would be. the truest form of "american" are the natives who came here first. then the mostly-tyrannical (english)colonists. but in reality, all these people came from somewhere else and built their way up. through hard work and sweat and tears. my parents also do this. many people from mexico and other foreign people that americans complain about talking jobs is bull. these people take the jobs that no high-and-almighty american would ever take and work their ass off to feed their families and make a better lives for themselves they didnt have an opportunity for back at home.

unpopular opinion: i can somewhat see the point in the extremist terrorists(albeit in the very minuscule minority). they bomb and kill innocent americans. why? to protest all the hate and mauling of their own peoples in their own countries--slaughtered by the thousands and even millions that doesnt even compare to how many americans "suffered." americans are mostly pathetic, unappreciative, and disgusting--including myself. we dont see what these people go through. they have almost a right to feel this way for how much we've abused them. america spends BILLIONS (i dont think its truly comprehendable to anyone about how disgustingly much money that is) on the military to what? kill other people? "protect americans and freedom." i dont blame the families and the actual soldiers. its the government brainwashing them into thinking theyre heroes, which im sure many of these people are through all the training and inspiration theyve given, when they shouldn't even be there. they should be using their talent to benefit society in other ways and help the world, just not in the militaristic way the government is glorifying.

note: sorry if i offend anyone, and americans" definitely does NOT apply to every american. just the ones that complain and fight unfairly against something they dont understand just because theyre lazy

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