Honestly, I don't Know what I'm feeling. Im just numb. Im so angry that I cant care anymore. I used to smile ALL the time. Now, I cry. I want to let my friends know how I feel. I cant though. When i try to explain how i feel.. they tell me to call a dr. or talk to someone in my family. Others say I pretend and Im a whore. I am just done with everything and anybody right now. Maybe I do help. My grandparents are old fashioned and disagree with medication. I never get to see my friends in school. My boyfriend only sees me in school. We've been together for a year.I hate not seeing him. It makes me feel like a bad boyfriend. I honestly hate my ******** life. I get no freedom. They wont let me get my permit and license. They wont let me out to get a job because of "society" I am so tired of being chained up like a dog. I have scars. I thought i was over them but honestly... I dont want to be here. I cant wait to move out. Illl live out on the streets and starve before I ever come back. I do everything for them and what do i get. NOTHING NOt A GOD DAMN THING. I just wanna cry. Maybe this will get better.. as the days goes by.. it gets worse.