Here's your basic reasons for why I am mostly antisocial when it comes to this forum.
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In order:
1. Don't care.
2. Bland subject. I like Touhou, but no.
3. Already replied: I don't care to do so twice unless spoken to.
4. f*ck your news.
5. Never played any of them, no plans to do so, either.
6. Don't have a 3DS
7. I forgot what that's about, but I know I can't comment.
8. Never played it; don't care.
9. Already replied: don't even care about the topic in itself.
10. Already replied; got a tip; good topic; lol.
11. Never played it; looks to have been answered.
12. Same as #5.
13. I don't care if it does.
14. Never played it; that lack of caring is high.
15. I don't care.
16. No intentions on playing Skyrim or the rest of the series.
17. I don't care about your bundles.
Bonus: Don't have a PS3/360.

This is how it is every f*cking day on every site I poke my dick in.