"The snow glistened on the ground around her, reflecting in her eyes and the tears filling them. The moon hung low in the sky, but not so low that the sky had yet lightened. She looked up at the smiling stars, no, not smiling, they were weeping, joining in the girls sorrow.
'Do not despair, it is I who have brought this trouble upon myself, and I who shall lift the curse.' The girls called to the stars, hoping to raise their hearts from shadow.
'We weep for you because we know of what pains you carry upon your fragile shoulders. We ourselves once trod the earth, and we ourselves once went upon quests and wielded swords. Never suppose that stars are that different from yourself, for we know beyond that of elves and kings. And we shall fall from the skies if that is what it takes to light your path.' the stars called down, their lights burning far greater than they had since the beginning of time.
'Thank you.' was all the girl could muster, though her gratitude was far more than one could dare to dream.
And then she lay down and slept, the tears that had held their place in her eyes began to fall, freezing to crystals in the cold.
Her dreams were of better times, times when the voices of all the creatures of the earth, sky, and sea would sing together, beneath the silver moon and golden sun. And the stars sang in harmony with the music in her dreams, a lullaby which has been sung by many generations, and by many creatures."