January 29, 2014

Since I want to get back into reviews, or even just writing in general, I will begin posting reviews in my Gaia journal whenever I finish a series. This can be for books, movies, television shows, video games, or anything else I feel like reviewing.

Just keep in mind that the reviews are based on my own experiences and opinions, and are not to be taken as a “you should / shouldn’t buy ___” statement. None of the things I review are rushed to be completed either, so I feel my opinions might be a bit more honest than people who play/watch/read through something within a week, just to meet a deadline. I also have no incentive to falsely say good or bad things about any series, and earn a sum total of $0 for my reviews.

Everything will be reviewed out of five maximum points. However, points alone don’t determine how enjoyable something is, which can change from person to person, and enjoyment will end up having its own section in my reviews.

Point meanings will equate to something similar to (but not exactly) this:
0/5 = Atrocious
1/5 = Bad
2/5 = Could do better
3/5 = Average / passable
4/5 = Good
5/5 = Excellent

The final score point will be a tally of total points, and then a division of how many categories something was reviewed in. Not every piece of work will have the same categories or number of categories as something else in its medium. For example, you can’t review Tetris for story and characters the same way you can Final Fantasy.

Also, at this point I’m not going to go back and review media I played years ago, unless I decide to replay it. After all, something I enjoyed 10 years ago I might not feel the same towards now. Or games I didn’t like back then I might like now. Which has happened a lot. Probably more than I’m really comfortable with. I guess adulthood changes your perspective on a lot of things. confused

You are free to leave comments on my posts, but keep them tasteful. Constructive criticism is both allowed and appreciated, but trolling, hate, flame, racism, sexism, or anything else inappropriate to the subject matter at hand, is not. Such comments will be removed, and their users blocked. If you are going to behave that way, take your bad day and pleas for attention elsewhere, because you’re just going to get a virtual door slammed in your face.