A very small brake from Mina ( like three avi's lol)

The wolf and the bat

Sometimes when she was Alone The amber eyed girl like to think about her life , think about her "mothers" and how best to eat bunny's tough she only thought about the last when she was hungry and now she could hear her stomach grumble so she stood from her rocking chair and left the porch of her log cabin a gift from Mama Mina and her Mother Rose not bothering to put on shoes for there were no humans around to ask how she could walk through the snow and not feel it.

Lily tried to remember the first memory's of the women she loved more than life , it had to be when she was three years old , it was after her first prolonged shift to her wolf form , it was a time she was told later that would make or brake the girl a time where she could have stayed a wolf stayed simple or return to the world of man and live the harder life not truly welcomed in either world . The Memory was the smell of wood smoke and the soft voice of Rose singing you are my sunshine the last lyrics sounding off the wall's

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away ,

the worried look On Mina's face and the smell of pancakes cooking some where deeper in the house it was the pancakes that made the wolf girl shift back to human because Animals do not get maple syrup .

back in the present Lily chuckled ruining a rough hand over her cheek moving a few strands of her blood red hair out of her Amber eyes she scented the air trying to find dinner remembering how a vampire had thought the wolf to hunt and she smirked " you look with your eyes , and nose find the scents on the wind , and listen for your food to move . " Lily repeated to her self for the millionth time . losing her self to the memory . " But mama how come I can't turn to a wolf and hunt it is easy . " she heard her young self ask " Because pup we have to function as people as much as out darker sides . were human's first and animals second , I love you in either form little one but remember my words we hunt as human as much as you may hunt as a wolf . " she could still Mina's words and nodded to her self. knowing she would shift soon to her wolf side feeling the tug on her soul only a full moon could do . But for now , for now she hunted on two legs knowing full well she would hunt one four soon enough ...