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Thanks for reading.
WATCHING: American Dad
EATING: Nothing Doe
DRINKING: Mountain Dew
WHERE: In my room c:
NOTE: Im staring a daily journal. So yeah.

Well let me vent about my last Con experience, then on to boyfriends. Well, Last weekend was my very first Con, Ohayocon. The guy who drove us there was a guy named Tim (feel free to kill him after you read this!) NOTE: He wanted 109 dollars for gas to drive from Aurora Indiana to Columbus Ohio. js it is like 3 hours away.
So we started out great. Megan (the girl that I went with, My best friend) said she knew him for a while and that when she first met him he was a total Dicknozzle. She said that he had changed and he was fine to drive us. He messaged me on Facebook and i poured my heart out to him and vice versa. I accepted him into my tight friend group.
He picked us up on Friday at 5:30 p.m. (Very very late BTW) and we jumped in the car. The plan was to got to the Dollar Tree and buy food so we wouldn't have to buy expensive Con food. Anyways, we got out of the car to go into the store and he popped the trunk so me and Meg could get our money out of the car. I had 115 dollars for the con and it was 60 dollars for a ticket. As soon as me and Meg pulled out or wallets he demanded we give him our money up front not worrying that we might not have money for food. He snatched the money out of our hands and gave us back just enough for our tickets.
We get to Columbus from a very tiring drive with Mr I-only-talk-about-myself. We were going to check into a hotel and sure enough we didn't have enough money to pay for the hotel so we had to bunk on some con friends floor for free. It was like we were using them (we were but i didn't want to). He blamed us not being able to pay for a hotel. Yeah. OK.
We had panels to go that morning and he not only took his damned time to get Cos-played up (in comparison to two females) he made us late to every panel. (Except Plushie making because it was right next to our hotel) we were worried about not having sleeping arrangements because we couldn't afford a hotel because he took our money so he told us that he could bunk with his friend Cassie.
At this time we hadn't given him all the money he wanted for gas and Megan's dad was supposed to wire her money through this agency at Wal-Mart. Tim kept making Meg bother her dad to send it the night before so when we went to pick it up that morning he had only sent 60 dollars when he was supposed to send 100. You have to be 18 to withdrawal the money and so he checked it out of the bank. We never touched it.
We got back to the hotel and got cosplayed up again. We went down to the lobby and he ditched us. he told us he was going to find US (me and Meg) a room because he already had one with Cassie. He texted us later that he found some cool people and they were willing to give HIM a room and he was still looking for a room for us. Uh, excuse me you already HAVE a room.
So at this point we have no room and no money for food or merch.
We meet up with Megs friend (and now my friend) Bree and we tell her the story. She and her boyfriend room us up and they were PISSED AS HELL.
As we were sitting there talking about Tim, he walks up and tells us a whole bunch of storys about these people he met. Megan asked for money for food and merch (because at wal-mart he said he would "hold on" to our money until we needed it). He takes out his wallet and flips through 20s and says "well here" *hands Meg 20 dollars* "i only have 20 bucks left.
Which means not only did he lie about the amount of money he had, HE SPENT MEGANS 60 BUCKS HER DAD SENT HER.
Lets skip ahead to the Rave shall we?
The rave was the best part. OMF best ever!. Well after the Rave he comes up to us and punches me in the arm. He goes "how was it?" and i was like what? and he said "the rave stupid." and i said fun c:
He then proceeded to follow us out of the rave and into the gaming panel room. Brees boyfriend was like "dude why are you following us?!?" and he said Meg had his extra car key and he wanted it back. Gah. NOTE: He was stalking us before that for a pack of glow sticks he bought with Megs money.
So Brees boyfriend sat us down in the gaming room and had us play Dance Dance Revolution until he came back from the hotel room and got the key. We didn't want Tim to know where our hotel room was. SO he ditched out and brought it back before Tim could notice he was gone. Brees boyfriend tried to trade the key for our money but turns out Tim had already spent it all.
We slowly go back to our hotel room, watching to make sure Tim didn't follow us and went to bed. We woke up to a text the next day that said "Well i'm leaving. You guys better find a ride."
He abandoned us 3 hours away from our houses.
We bummed a ride and defriended him. Some PEOPLE DOE!
K so boyfriends!
I want a boyfriend who loves all of the things I love but also some things new and different. Being the same is boring, I want him to open up new doors for me. I want him to be protective of me but not too clingy. I want him to brag to his Xbox Live friends about me and worry about me. I want him to call me over to his house to help him beat a level and let me cook for him. I don't want him to be sex crazed. I want sex to happen when its happen and not be forced. I want him to cuddle me and pay video games with me. I want him to want to go places with me. I want him not to feel awkward with me. I want to feel so comfortable around him hes practically family. I want his family to be my family. I want him to trust me and I want to be able to trust him. I want him to send me cute anons and tell guys that he cant hang out with them sometimes because he has a gaming session set up with me. I want to laugh with him and take selfies with him. I want to be Facebook official and walk with him in public. I want to drive in the car with him and blast our favorite songs. I want him to be able to make me laugh and draw things for me (he doesn't have to be able to draw just try.) I want him to record with me and play Xbox Live with me when hes at his house and im at mine. I want my Xbox Live profile to be downloaded on his Xbox and Vice Versa.
I want him to be real.

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