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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.[»]True Name: Iris Blackstar
[»]Nicknames: Rainbow
[»]Affiliation: Ms.
[»]Occupation: N/A


[»]Appeared Age: early 20s
[»]Actual Age: 126
[»]Date of Birth: N/A
[»]Gender: female
[»]Sexuality: bi
[»]Zodiac: N/A
[»]Place of Birth: N/A
[»]Race: Vampire
[»]Heritage: British
[»]Height: 5'2"
[»]Weight: 123lbs
[»]Build: Average
[»]Skin Color: ghost white
[»]Blood Type: A positive
[»]Natural Eye Color: Blue but red when hungry
[»]Natural Hair Color: Auburn
[»]Current Hair Color: Red
[»]Hair Length: long hair that goes pass her butt
[»]Hair Style: stright hair always wear it half up
[»]Defining Facial Features: High cheek bones, small nose, full light red lips, round face, almond shape eyes
[»]Dominant Hand: right
[»]Speech Patterns: studdereds when she lies


[»]Marital Status: Single
[»]Birth Father: N/A (left mom before she was born)
[»]Birth Mother: Maire Blackstar (Dead)
[»]Siblings: None
[»]Family Finances: N/A
[»]Best Friend: Starett Rose (Dead)


[→]Major Personality Traits:
[»] Sarcastic
[»] Bipolar
[»] Colorful
[»] Open Minded
[»] Realistic

[→] Likes:
[»] Colorful things
[»] Blood
[»] Nature
[»] Silence
[»] Humanity

[→] Dislikes:
[»] The color pink and yellow
[»] Annoying sounds
[»] Human nature

[»]Bad Habits: Always moving her hands or feet constantly
[»]Good Habits: Draws
[»]Best Memory: Her and her friend makin a blood oath to each other to always be there for each other
[»]Worst Memory: Watching her best friend get murdered by a blood-thiristy Vamp
[»]Temperament: Feisty

[→] Friendships [Allies]: N/A

[→] Rivalries [Enemies]: N/A

[→] Quotes:
[»] "I've been in love but its painful, pointless and overrated"

[»] "Tears are pointless, it doesn't solve anything"

[»] "First and final warning I don't play well with others"

[»] "Some chicks bite
[→]Brief Biography:
[»] After watching her love ones die off one by one she gave herself to a vampire to seek revenge on the ones who destroyed her meaning of happiness. She learned with each passing day how to hunt when needed, how to hide from the burning sun. She even learn how to fight with nothing but her claws. Later on in life when she was on a trail of one of the other killer vamps she ran into a demon who promised her more power than what she had all she had to do was to give up her quest of killing the ones who destroyed her love ones. She gave him that promise and her earned the ability to control fire, it became very useful especially in fights. Over a hundred years later she became a lil obsessed with more power that she lost part of her humanity.

[→]Offensive/Defensive Traits:
[»] Claws

[»] Teeth


[»] Pyrokinesis: control fire with her mind by speeding up the air particles in objects or people. Also Fire is created in the palm of her hands that she can throw at people or objects.

[»] Vampire Mind control: usually works on humans, can control up to two minds at once can only last up to a couple of hours. Usually used in hunting
[»]Enhanced speed and strength


[»] Claws


[»] None

[→]Combat Theme:

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