1: It is IMPORTANT that you make sure that they get lots and I mean LOTS of exercise! Let them run around the house 3-4 hours a day.

2: When a rabbit does a little hop and a head twitch at the same time, that is a "Binky". Rabbits do binkies when they are feeling very happy. So the happier your rabbit is, the higher chances of you witnessing your rabbit doing binkies frequently all about the house-hold! They'll also do hyperactive sprints all around rooms. This is also a sign of happiness. Don't worry about not seeing your rabbit do binkies right away. When you first get the bunny, they are going to be very cautious and scared because they are in a new area. Let them adjust to their new area first. And before you know it, you'll see em do happy hyperactive sprints and binkies in no time.

3: Rabbits are very social creatures and they love the attention! So be sure to give them lots and lots of petting and play with them. The more you play/pet them, the happier your bun will be. And the happier your bun gets, the higher the chance that your bun will love you!

4: Rabbits sometime don't know their boundaries, so at times they'll chew at books, at the carpet, etc. So sometimes, when they do something bad, you'll have to snap your fingers at them or yell "No!" to have them stop. If that doesn't work, gently push them away.

5: If you plan to let your rabbit run around outdoors, depending on the size of your yard, you'll either have to watch the rabbit, or let them do their own thing. However, if you have a fence, it is imperative that you block up parts that are exposed with bricks as rabbits, during the mating season, will want to dig around to try and find a mate. (Depends on the rabbit's gender, and it depends whether or not your rabbit has been neutered/spayed.)

6: Timothy Hay is absolutely crucial in a rabbit's diet, so make sure you get a hay feeder and have it filled with fresh hay! If your rabbit does not eat timothy hay, it can actually cause some problems in their digestive system. Proof of this is in their poo--- it will look very mushy. And when it looks mushy, it's not a good sign.

7: Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT give them any human foods like cereal, chocolate, etc. They are herbivorous creatures and should be fed dandelion flowers (easy to find, a simple weed flower that can be found in any back-yard), kale, Brussel sprouts, and broccoli leaves. You can feed them fruit as well such as a small slice of banana, a one or two grapes, or 1/2 of a carrot.

8: You must brush your rabbit's fur daily! Rabbits like to give themselves bathes often, and they'll pull out their own fur a little bit when cleaning themselves, which will get in their digestive system and clog it up. So be sure to brush them daily--- especially when it comes to a time when they start shedding coats for the changing seasons.

9: Did you know the normal feed for rabbit (which is rabbit pellets) is the #1 leading cause of obesity in rabbits? So yeah, be sure to fill up your rabbit's food bowl at least half of it with pellets, but be sure to have most of their diet include kale, timothy hay, etc.

10: Pay extra close attention to your rabbits behaviors! Because they are a prey item in the wilderness, rabbits have trained themselves not to show signs of weakness so they may fool their predators. This is quite unfortunate for rabbit owners, too. If something doesn't seem right with the rabbit-- or if you are spending time with it and something seems horribly off-- you'd best take that bun bun to a good vet to see what's up. Make sure the vet you choose is a good vet, as most vets nowadays are taking care of dogs and cats.


I also forgot to mention rabbit behaviors to you:

When a rabbit is angry/frustrated/feeling threatened, they will grunt/growl at you. When they are scared, they will thump the ground with their feet. If they are very very VERY scared, they will scream like a tea kettle.

When they request petting/attention from you, they will either..

A) Dig/chew at your shirt, pants, robe, etc.

B) Nudge you.

If they are in a cage at the time they crave attention, they will sometimes bite at the bars, or dig around and cause a mess to get your attention.
Also, rabbits like to claim things as "theirs" sometimes. This is called "chinning". When a rabbit chins something, they rub their chin on it as it has scent glands on the bottom of their chins. So when they do this, they are basically marking it as their own (even though it isn't XD).

Also, when your rabbit pees on the carpet, litter train them by putting them back in the cage immediately. This will teach them that peeing on the carpet is bad. If you let them get away with it, they will not get the message that doing so is bad and therefore, will not be litter trained.

[Tips by Reiko Iwamaru]