I found this on Tumblr and I really support it and it goes out to anyone I roleplay with:

"Never hold your muse back. For real. If your muse wants to lash out at mine, or kiss mine, or tell mine a horrible secret, or slam mine against a wall — go for it. Don’t ever feel like I’ll get your reply and judge you or your muse. Your character has specific feelings, instincts, and desires, and if they want to do something, don’t hold them back. I want to roleplay with your muse in their entirety, the whole truth of your character, not a watered-down version. Never feel nervous — just let it happen as it happens, and it’ll all be great."

I take no credit for writing this, but I totally agree. Don't let your Muse hold back. Its not fun for you or your Muse. Just let it allllll gooooo~ BD