England's POV

I woke in Japan's room to find it empty. Last night, Japan let me sleep in his room since he thought it wasn't proper for a man and woman to sleep in the same room unless they were married.
But anyway, I got up and check out in the living room of Japan's home. I found that he was looking around, normally calm face so worried.
"Japan? Are you alright?" I asked, eyebrows furrowing slightly.
"N-No! Monte Carro isn't here! She is gone! I-I went to check if she was stirr sreeping, but her bed was empty!" He panicked, looking in ridiculous places like the couch cushions.
"I don't think Monte would be under the couch or in the kitchen cabinets, Japan." I said, shrugging a bit.
"I'll help, okay? You keep looking in here, I'll check outside." I offered, turning away and heading out.
It was a nice day. Maybe the Italian took a walk? I didn't know what to think.
I jumped and gasped when I heard a cough in the bushes right next to me. Kneeling down and looking through them, my eyes watered and my breath caught in my throat.
There was Monte, in her uniform that was torn up and wounds on her thighs and arms. Blood dripped out the corner of her lips and she was scratched up.
She sat up against the tree, brown eyes slowly opening when my presence was sensed.
I wasn't sure why seeing her like this...Why it hurt me so much...
Jessica's POV

My vision was blurry for a moment, but soon I caught sight of thick eyebrows and knew who had found me.
"M-Mr. England?" I whispered, coughing a bit.
I didn't know why he was looking at me like that. Guilty.
"Monte, please don't speak. You're too injured." He told me, leaning over to look closer at my wounds.
"I can't die, you know that, Mr. England." I insisted, gasping when he pressed a bruise on my shin.
"I know, but you can still suffer..." He looked back toward me. England was close now, making me slightly nervous.
I was too focused on him being so close, that I didn't notice his arms slipped around me and he lifted me off the ground like a newly married man would carry his bride.
"Come on, I'm sure Japan can help." He told me, voice deeply.
I was slightly surprised, but rested my head against his forearm, shutting my eyes as he walked up the steps to Japan's sliding door.