How about I tell you a story?

Tim Duncan, age 37, expert on temporal anomalies. When Tim was 23, he met Lucy at college. He was majoring in physics. Lucy was majoring in paranormal psychology. They hit it off for their shared passions, and were married within a year. Responsibly, they waited another year before having their first child, a boy they named Walter. Walter was particularly normal and would be irrelevant to this story, if it weren't for the spectacular manner in which he met his end. At the age of ten, Walter had a vested interest in baseball. However, during a practice at school, he ran through a time distortion, and only his bleached, aged bones made it out. Carbon dating says these bones are 100,000 or more years of age, but the DNA is a match as Walter. Lucy kills herself. Walter spends the rest of his life researching the phenomenon.