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Ryo's Travels
My life & journey through MY eyes.
Back to Life: The S#!t we should've done!!
I've been back in the states for about 10 days now...

Looking back it seems as though that vacation was a minor blip in time and it truly came and went in an instant. Now it has me thinking I should've studied abroad :/

But I'm back and trying to get my life together.

About UNIQLO, that time came and went as well. I took the train up to New York that Thursday morning. It was my first experience on AMTRAK and I can say that it was quick and comfortable. I stopped by Zara to buy a pair of beige pants because my old (superior) Zara pants disappeared. I ended up being a little late to the meeting because the directions to the actually meeting place sucked since she gave me directions to the actual store…..

It's Friday now and I'm just getting back to this. xp

Anyway, the interview was just as they said. I really don't even feel like reliving it because it's pretty pointless. 1) I don't like retail. 2) I didn't feel like uprooting my life and relocating every year for UNIQLO. 3) I only wouldn't been happy(-esque) doing it if and only if I could open the store in Philadelphia that they're placing here by the end of the year.

Long story short, I got the email while I was in PR that they didn't want me. I wasn't too bothered but it brought me back to when I went to LA a year and a half ago and got the rejection email from a job I interviewed for. Kinda tough, but it was whatever. I remember after the interview I was able to hang with Trace for a bit then Imet up with Kiyona, and we wen tho BBQs, then we met up with Bryan for a bit, then we hit it back to Brownsville, BK Where I got to see her apartment and hear more about the trouble she was having with her roommates xp

Alas…I've been back for about two weeks now and slowly chipping away at my to-do list to try to get my life together.

I really miss my time in San Juan and there's so many things I wish I could've done….

1) Jet-skiing
2) My massage
3) Gay/local life in Puerto Rico
4) Luquillo Beach
5) El Yunque Rainforest
6) The Festival!

It really does give us all a reason to revisit the island though. I kinda really wish I would've woken us up for the Round Tour, because we would've gotten 4, 5, and 6 done, in addition to the Bacardi Factory. Because I decided to let everyone sleep in…..we got to the factory late…we got out of there even later…had to push our kayaking plans back…and didn't get back to the hotel and to Old San Juan until even LATER. If we woke up, we would've hit the Bacardi Factory, visiting the Beach, Rainforest, and a few other places, got back in time so the girls could've went jet skiing if they wanted to and Fave and I would've went kayaking, then we would've gotten back to the hotel and been out to Old San Juan by 11pm with enough time to party. Womp.

I can say that kayaking by moonlight was beautiful. Just a gorgeous experience in all honesty. I can say that we definitely did a lot in Puerto Rico (zip lining, kayaking, Bacardi, Beach, Señor Frogs, etc), but it would've been nice to do more. Maybe on our next trip 3nodding

Since we've been home, I was able to wash clothes (and the ALDO shoes that I messed up while ziplining/hiking) , open a new account, and try to start saving some money. The goal is to put $20 a paycheck in the second account and let it stay there. I've also reached out to Blair in hopes that he can give me some insight into working for non-profits. I also need to do my research because I know that there's a plethora of non-profit organizations that do a lot of different things that I can align myself with.

I honestly should still be applying for jobs, but every time I even try at that process it drains me. I just need to get out of this funk and go for it. Ugh. Ughhhhhh. I'll make moves next week for it. PROMISE. I just have to get out of my current situation and progress forward.

Alas, I'm going to New York tomorrow for Derrick's birthday (ugh), I was supposed to go out with Jerson and Jemima on Thursday but Jers paid it. Deep Creek is two weeks away and I still have my reservations about it…but I'ma go…and buy a new coat too! surprised The Northface coat that I'ma get is $220, but Rob said he'd give me $100 towards it which makes it a lot better 3nodding I also bought some gloves and three pairs of knee high socks today at American Apparel. I usually don't' shop at that store because it's so fuking expensive (for no reason…well, the clothes are made in the USA and American labor AIN'T cheap), but I wanted some more knee-high tube socks and I thought the gloves were cute.

Me and Rats have to do lunch or dinner soon….and I still have to pay next month's rent…and…student loans…and mom…so I need to start being more sensible with my money…which means…NO OVERSPENDING IN NEW YORK. Please and thank you talk2hand

Rob and I are good. Just been trying to help him plan his excursions while planning mine, and ours together. The sex has been….extra amazing lately. It's been lasting for hours and I've been exhausteddddddd…and extra frequent. Yum.

I don't think I have anything else in this moment. Antoine's birthday was a few days ago. I texted him and he said "thanks." talk2hand Well, okkkkk then rofl s**t's gonna be realllll awkwardddddd when I move back home…but he did it. Not I xp In all honesty, I should've texted him when I asked Fave about it at around 1pm, but the time I actually sent the text (7pm) Fave had already seen him, brought my name up, and everything so it seemed obligatory on my end…little did I know, I didn't know that they were all at Nellie's together until later on that night…but whatever.

Also, I read an article about someone committing suicide. This black man was set to be married and had a lot of great things going for him but his cryptic final IG post signaled his demise. Everyone who knew him assumed him to be normal and just fine. I thought about Rob and everything he's going through and started to cry. He takes everything and fights through it all, to all of us he seems fine…well at leas tot me he seems as fine as he could be…but…I guess you never really know. I pray for him.



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