Chapter 4: Pro: Episode 4
Pro: Episode 4

(Wind Chester island 1:30 pm)

(Heavy rain begins to pour as Edgar reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a stop watch)

Edgar: (Trying his best to stare through the rain) Are you all set young lad?

Sirus: (Tightens his grip on the strap wrapped around the lower waist) yea, I’m ready

Edgar: (looking up into the rain) bloody all! It sure is raining cats and dogs this morning

Sirus: (shakes his head) hey Edgar, how does this work again?

Edgar: (gives a puzzled look) what do you mean how does it work? The strap you’re wearing on your waist is connected to the crane over there. (Edgar turns and points to the crane sitting next to the log cabin) then every time you jump off that nearby cliff over there and fail in your attempts, the crane will hoist you back up. It’s as simple as that

Sirus: No, I already know that

Edgar: (crosses his arms) then I’m afraid I’m not following were you’re getting at mate

Sirus: (sigh) look, we’ve been at this for two whole days now Edgar and nothing has changed. (Sirus kicks at a puddle) (Sigh) my mom sister and amy are probably worried sick about me since I never came back home from prom and--

Edgar: sirus?

Sirus: and I’m sure all of my friends at school are probably wondering why i disappeared all the sudden after getting ready to propose to the girl of my dreams (Sigh) I’m such an idiot for even deciding to come out here

Edgar: sirus !?

Sirus: (pauses while looking up) what is it Edgar!?

Edgar: (shrugs his shoulders)you can leave this island if you want mate. Just say the word and I’ll gladly take you home. But let me warn you, weather you return to your normal life or not, millions will die in the end

Sirus: (puts his hands on his hips and shakes his head) I just don’t understand Edgar. What do you mean when you keep saying millions will die?

Edgar: (Approaches sirus and places his hand on sirus shoulder) young lad, have you already forgotten the conversation we had on your prom night?

(Sirus eyes widen)

{Prom Night 9:40pm Flashback}

Sirus: (raises an eyebrow) you watched us die? I don't understand

Edgar: (looks away) thats right! (looks back at sirus) which is why you must take head to what i have to say

Sirus: (shakes his head) and what exactly are you trying to say?

Edgar: (wags one finger at Sirus before turning to face the city) three years from now, this whole city will be destroyed

Sirus: (eyes widen) destroyed?

Edgar: (looks down) thats right, young lad, there were no human survivors left, except me

Sirus: (wheres a puzzled look) well, how were you the only survivor?

Edgar: (quickly turns back around) Because, I had enough common since to create a bomb shelter. (Sigh) Thankfully it worked

Sirus: (holds up one hand) ok Edgar; let’s say I believe you about this whole situation you claim Alright? (Gives a serious stare) tell me what caused this city's destruction?

Edgar: (pauses while looking away) they called themselves x2's

Sirus: (raises an eyebrow) x2's?

Edgar: (slowly nods) yes, however to be more direct young lad, they were bionic

Sirus: (eyes widen) bionic humans?

Edgar: (Looks down) they were a terrible creation made by evil men, to take on the genetic forms of humans such as yourself

Sirus: (Gives a serious stare at Edgar) humans like me? What are you talking about?

Edgar: (Pauses, as a concerned look crosses his face) you-you mean you don’t know what you are young lad?

Sirus: (shakes his head) no, I don’t know anything right now Edgar so why don't you enlighten me?

Edgar: (starts to pace back and forward while yanking at his hair) Oh god, if you don’t know then neither do they. (Sigh) This is bad. Were all gonna die and there won’t even be a fight to at least try to defend ourselves

Sirus: (rolls his eyes) Edgar, I don’t have time for this ok

Edgar: (stops pacing and walks up to sirus) Well i think you should make time brotha for you see, the reason why the bionic humans were so powerful was because of the fact, that they could do things ordinary humans could not do. Such as, having super speed or super human strength, or even flying for that matter. Those were the abilities that each of those bionic humans carried and also (pauses) those are the gifts that you possess as well.

Sirus: (Eyes widen as he holds up one hand) wait hold up, I have powers?

Edgar: (Nods) yes young lad. You’re not like normal humans,You’re a boy with amazing gifts Like A hero

Sirus: (sits in silence for a while then looks away) You know Edgar, for a moment, I almost believe what you were saying. (Looks back up) but now I think you waisted my time far enough

Edgar: (holds out both his hand) young lad you have to please believe me

Sirus: (opens his car door, gets into the drivers seat and turns on the engine while rolling down the window) sorry Edgar (shakes his head) but you need help. (Sirus Takes off down the road)

{End of Flashback}

Sirus: (shakes his head) No, I haven’t forgotten what you said. (Sigh) it's just that--

Edgar: (Walks up and puts his hand on sirus shoulder) There's only one more day to go mate. You'll get home, I swear it ok? But please for now, don't give up

Sirus: (nods while Taking a deep breath) ok then (grins) I’m ready

Edgar: (smiles as he looks down at the stop watch) Well then Get Ready! Get set! Go!

(Sirus takes off running at full speed towards the cliff sitting on the edge of the island above the ocean)

Edgar: (shaking his fist)you can do this mate! Jump with all you’re might once you reach the edge of the cliff!

(Sirus continues to run as he nears the edge of the cliff and jumps high into the air. Only to dive bomb back into the ocean)

(Edgar sighs deeply as he walks over and pushes the button on the crane which pulls sirus back out of the water)

Sirus: (coughing up water and trying to grasp his breath) Edgar!? (Cough) how-how did I do that time?

Edgar: (shakes his head) you’re still not there mate (sigh)

Sirus: (punches the ground in anger) let’s try it again!

(The o'neal house)

(Mrs. O’Neal brings three cups of coffee into the living room)

Officer 1: ok ma’am, so you’re telling us that your son never came home after prom two nights ago is that correct?

Mrs. O’Neal: (sets the coffee down) yes, that is correct

Officer 2: well our patrol units have been scouring this whole city county area for some time now and there’s just no trace of your son

Mrs. O’Neal: (Eyes widen) well!? They should have at least found something by now!

Officer 2: No ma’am, we found absolutely nothing. It’s as if he completely vanished into thin air

Mrs. O’Neal: (slams the coffee table) I freakin pay you sorry good for nothing salaries with my taxes. So I expect you to dig up this hell hole of a city and find my son!

Officer 1 sad holds out his hand) now let’s not get nasty ma’am. We’re doing the best we can ok?

Mrs. O’Neal: (quickly rises to her feet) well i think what you both are doing right now is not enough! so here me out! I want you officers to lay off the freakin doughnuts, and get your sorry a--

Melee: (runs up and grabs her mother by the shoulder) mom! Calm down. They just said that there doing everything in their power to find sirus ok?

Mrs. O’Neal: (tries to jerk her arm away from her daughter) why are you siding with the enemy melee? I thought I taught you better than that

Melee: I’m not siding with anyone mom. I just think you’re over reacting a bit

(Mrs. O’Neal pushes melee off her and runs into her room)

Officer 2: (eyes widen) umm, is she gonna be alright?

Melee: (Nods) yea, my mom runs into the room all the time whenever she’s really upset. But it’s ok

Officer 1: oh, I see

(Both police stand)

Officer 1: well were heading off now

Officer 2: yea, will give you a buzz if we know anything new ok?

Melee: (nods) sure

(Both officers leave as melee walks up to the window and gazes out at the city)

Melee: (sigh) sirus, where are you?

(There’s a knock at the door)

(Come in!)

(A FBI officer pokes his head inside the office)

FBI officer: Ah, Mr. Peerman sir! There here

Mr. Peerman: (lights a cigar and nods) show them in

(A man and a woman enter the office)

Mr. Peerman: (Stands with a smile) well-well what do we have here!?

(Mr. Peerman, my name is Sargent Eli Collins from the FBI unit in Brooklyn New York

(And I am Sargent Linda keys from the unit in Dallas Fort Worth)

Mr. Peerman: (smiles) good-good. Now that we are past the formalities, let us all have a seat shall we?

(Everyone Sits)

Mr. Peerman: (laughs) yes-yes I want you both feeling very comfortable here in West Bay City. Since you both will be partners anyway.

(Both Linda and Eli stare at each other)

Eli: umm, Mr. Peerman?

Mr. Peerman: hum?

Eli: well sir, during my transfer debriefing, I was told that I would be working solo over here (Again looks at Linda) no offense

Linda: None taken

Mr. Peerman: oh come-come now Mr. ah—Mr.—

Eli: Collins sir. Eli Collins

Mr. Peerman: right-right! Yeah-yeah! Anyway, I believe that having a partner of such highly magnitude and beauty (cough) like miss keys here will be very beneficial in your honor. Don’t you agree Mr. Coleslaw hum-hum? (Winks)

Eli: (shakes his head) sir, with all due respect, I must protest that—

Linda: its ok, (looks at Eli) if you wish to work solo then I am perfectly fine with finding a different partner

Mr. Peerman: No-No-No! (Mr. Peerman slams his desk) I want the two of you working together ok? You both each come to this dump of a city highly recommended by your units. And I will not tolerate people who wish to be loners. Do I make myself clear?

Eli: (Turns to Linda) (sigh) look, just don’t slow me down ok?

Linda: (Smiles) the same goes for you

(Eli grins as he and Linda both stand and shake hands)

(Wind Chester Island 12: Am)

(Sirus awakes from sleep inside the cabin and heads over to slip on his cloths. Then tip toeing to the front window, he looks outside at Edgar who was sitting in a rocking chair snoring away)

Sirus: (whispering) I'm sorry old timer, but I just can't stay here another minute

(Sirus turns around and heads out the back door of the cabin and is seconds from running away when he hears a loud shout coming from Edgar)

Sirus: (rushes over to Edgar) Edgar! Are you alright!?

Edgar: (All smiles) never better mate! I think I have found the solution to your prob—(looks puzzled) young lad, why are you all dressed up?

Sirus: (slowly looks away) I-I was about to leave the island just now

Edgar: (nods) I see

Sirus sad looks down) I’m sorry

Edgar: (holds up one hand) no young lad, I should be the one apologizing. I took you away from your family and brought you out to this island. (Edgar turns and picks up his over coat) I’ll take you back home if you want mate. But first, let’s give it one last try for the road ok?

Sirus: (eyes widen) Are you sure?

Edgar: yes, however I would like to try one last method if that’s ok with you?

Sirus: (nods) alright then, let’s do this!

Edgar: (smiles) excellent choice brotha!

Sirus: (tightens the strap around his waist) so what’s this final method?

Edgar: (grins) Do you remember what your favorite movie was when you were 7?

Sirus: umm not really, I liked a lot of movies

Edgar: (Smiles) well, do you remember a certain movie of a little girl with a small dog and she wore red shoes and lost her home in a twister?

Sirus: umm, are you talking about the wizard of oz.?

Edgar: (Jumps in the air with excitement) yes young lad that’s it!

Sirus: Ah, I’m not sure I’m following what you’re trying to get at

Edgar: come on sirus, focus lad. Now, tell me how did the little girl get back to her home?

Sirus: well, she clapped her shoes together

Edgar: (nods quickly) yes-yes go on and?

Sirus: (shrugs his shoulders) then she said, there’s no place like home?

Edgar: (claps) Bingo mate! Don’t you see? That is what you must do

Sirus: (looking confused) so, you want me to hit my shoes and say there’s no place like home?

Edgar: (laughs) of course not mate. You see sirus, in order for Dorothy to return back, she had to clear her mind and think of nothing but home. In other words, you must clear your mind and think of only one thing. (Edgar points to the sky) gliding above the clouds

Sirus: (shakes his head) it sounds so unreal when you say it like that. (Sirus looks up at the path leading to the cliff) can I really glide?

Edgar: (takes off his glasses and begins to wipe the lenses) to be honest young lad, I really don’t know

Sirus: (looks at Edgar) what do you mean?

Edgar: well, in my world, you already knew your ability’s by the age of 7

Sirus: (eyes widen) really!

Edgar: that’s right mate. Why do think I brought you out to this particular island for?

Sirus: (shrugs his shoulders) I don’t know

Edgar: (Turns and looks at the cabin) I brought u here, because in my world, this is the place where I trained you

Sirus: (eyes widen) wait, you trained me?

Edgar: (nods) at first it took me a while to grasp what I was seeing before my eyes (smiles) but then when you lifted me high above the clouds, I knew then that this was not a dream but true reality

Sirus: (looks at Edgar then back towards the cliff) i-i have to see this (pauses as he look back at Edgar) so I just clear my mind right?

Edgar: (nods) yes, just clear your head and let the rhythm of gliding take over your thoughts

Sirus: (Closes his eyes and takes a deep breath) Ok Edgar, I’m ready

Edgar: (smiles) Alright young lad. This time I won’t use the stop watch. You can run whenever you feel ready.

(Sirus looks up at the stars, before reclosing his eyes as a soft breeze blows across his face. Then leaning forward, sirus darts off at full speed letting the image of gliding be his only guide in sight)

(As he reaches the edge of the cliff, sirus jumps off with every ounce of strength he has and is about to dive bomb back into the ocean, when out of nowhere a whisper fills the air around him)


(Suddently, sirus’s eyes shoot wide open revealing a bright glowing light as his body takes off into the sky)

Edgar: (Dances around and claps while the rope holding sirus snaps sending the large crane crashing into the ocean) yes! He did it- he did it- he did it! (Laughs) there’s still hope (Edgar smiles, then runs off into the dark still cheering)

(The white glowing light in sirus eyes fades as he regains conscious)

Sirus: (Eyes widen) oh god! – Oh god I’m actually flying above the clouds!

(Sirus hears a popping sound and turns around to look at his feet)

Sirus: (laughing) wow I have a motor!? That’s so cool

(Just then, the popping sound stops and sirus could feel his body starting to fall)

Sirus: (starts to panic) Oh no! Wait! No!

(Sirus data bombs into the ocean blacking out on the waters impact)

(Young lad!–Young lad are you alright?)

Sirus: (opens one eye) owe, what happened?

Edgar: (smiles) well nothing to serious, until I saw you fall about a thousand feet into the ocean

Sirus: (laughs) Edgar I flew! Did you see it?

Edgar: (nods) yes young lad, you did well

Sirus: It was so amazing being up there

Edgar: (nods) yes, I’m sure it was. But we have a long way to go before we can really be truly happy

Sirus: (looks beside him) hey Edgar is this a raft?

Edgar: yes it is. I built it knowing that one day this would happen

Sirus: really? Well when did you build it?

Edgar: (looks off into the ocean) it was the day after you and Amy left me standing inside the diner. I came over to the island and built the raft then

Sirus: wow! And you still believed?

Edgar: yes. I believed you would come with me eventually to the island. I just didn’t know how or when

Sirus: (looks up at the stars) well, I’m glad I came

Edgar: (smiles) young lad, you can return home now

Sirus: (looks up at Edgar) really!?

Edgar: (Holds up one finger) under one condition. you cannot tell your mother or sister about what you can do or about what's to come three years from now

Sirus: (sits himself up) but shouldn’t everyone know about it?

Edgar: yes eventually, but now is not the time

Sirus: I understand, (smiles) don’t worry I won’t say a word

Edgar: good

Sirus: That being said though. You did mention that there were other people like me

Edgar: yes I did

Sirus: But I don’t understand. How will all of them be able to get their abilities in time before this crises occurs?

Edgar: I’m glad you said that mate. Because ill be joining you

Sirus: (eyes widen) wait but how?

Edgar: (Reaches into one of his over coat pockets and pulls out a small thick black book) young lad, this book has powers beyond your imagination

Sirus: (raises an eyebrow) powers?

Edgar: that’s right mate (rises to his feet) for instance, if I tell this book to fly. Then, (Edgar begins to float in the air)

Sirus: (eyes widen) whoa, I didn't know you could fly too?

Edgar: (smiles) yes, well as long as I have this book in my possession, Then i can just about do about anything

Sirus: (nods) i guess that explains how you made it to the prom so fast

Edgar: (grins) yea, super speed is one amazing gift

Sirus: (chuckles as he turns to face the city) we got a major crisis approaching our way edgar, and many people who need to truly find out who they are

Edgar: (nods) very true young lad.

Sirus: (crosses his arms) Someone has got to open their eyes and tell them who they really are. Someone like me

Edgar: (smiles) that’s the spirit mate

Sirus: (raises his hand in the air) this battle, is one that I don’t intend to lose

Edgar: (jumps up and down) you’re bloody right Sirus. We need to find everyone with abilities and get them to a whole new level

Sirus: (Turns to face Edgar) we need to get everybody to pro !

(Edgar grins while nodding)

To be continued....