I was bored so finally decided to make a journal after *coughcough* long... sweatdrop ehhh.. lets not focus on how long it's been.

For those who don't know I am having issues with my home computer and so I cant get on ZOMG most of the time, and when I can its usually not long before it makes the comp crash so I usually don't try for now.
I do still get on GAIA itself though and will reply to comments and pm's if sent.. what do I do when I'm on if not in zomg you ask? (well I dont care that you didnt ask, your reading MY journal so i'm gonna answer it anyways)

...anywho.. what I do is design new Avi's.. most of them unintentionally end up turning out creepy for some reason.. im not really trying to make them that way.. its just what happens.. but I am trying to make some.. "cute" ones for the upcoming month since it's a lovey dovey month and all... If you like the style of my Avi's and would like me to try to design one for you for fun, just shoot me a pm.. im always looking for stuff to do while I'm bored.

***ALSO*** As a goal for here I am trying to get a pair of Daniel's Wings.. I was about halfway there when they were still 40 mil but they have gone up since so I have to collect even more funds.. If you find that you have the overwhelming urge to donate any funds to help me then it would be greatly appreciated. cat_3nodding