My Dear Friend, Xeli.

As I write this letter to you, the children have just gone to bed, the first stars have began to shine and the night is full of silence, calm and that homely feeling brought by the New Kranker air. The moons have fallen and it looks as though it will be the start of a long, safe and warm night for my family. If you were here, we would crack open a bottle of Drezer, and sit, conversing, by the window and under the sky; but as that is not possible at the moment, I shall write. I am writing to you because it seems that you are, to the best of my knowledge, my greatest and indeed only remaining ally, associate and friend in these times of hypocrisy and insanity. I have seen men bend over backwards to satisfy the needs of the Federalists and the Network. I have seen men smile as they deliver the orders of the board to the many acolytes over seas. I have seen, as you have heard, corporate holders write agendas for their own needs and desires. But It is only now that I understand that our Land is a land of lies. I feel like a fool because it seems so obvious to me, under these, alas, dark circumstances. The last of the Shent writers have left me, since Network has decided to ridicule my philosophies and works in front of the whole nation. The Federalists say that it was "inevitable" and that I was destined to failure.
I see now that our land has no true sense of Freedom of Expression, and that all opinions are now secondary to the needs of the Federalists. Why the people let them take power, I will not know, but I will respect the people's decision, as is my duty. I can't quit now. Not because of all the work I have put into this, mind you. But because politics is the only world I know, and as robotic and insane as it has become, it is what I am good at. If the nation is to have a brighter future, it will need people like you, Gergena, Fronton and I. We are seeminly the last vestiges of true Voice and Sanity.

Sincerly, Naro.