It's winter, January 0f 2014 is nearing an end and I can't help as I take a look around me, at the people, at the world, that somehow, it has all passed me up. As I walk through this world of dead trees, of frozen grounds, I can't help but wonder am I just an empty shell, void of the dreams the little girl me once had? Am I a ghost to this world? Something that should have been limited to the past, who overstayed her time in this world?

What exactly am I searching for? My place in this world to which that does not exist? But if I am only existing on borrowed time, much shorter than everyone else's, is it like this river, that's slowly freezing up, until it no longer moves? Breath frozen in the air, I look up at the sky and wonder, when exactly, my ribbon of Life will be cut.

(Lol despite what it seems, I'm NOT suicidal, these are simply just thoughts that quite often occur)