The Covens

In the year 1437 the covens declared all vampires and lycans must stay hidden from the rest of the human population. And if at all possible try and blend in and live your life unnoticed. For the sake of all covens our secret lives must be protected. So to keep the peace and laws intact both races created a council containing both Lycans and Vampires to enforce the laws and keep our world safe and secret from the humans. Until the 14th day in October of the year 1447 a group of rouge vampires and lycans. Risk the lives of us all to prove that they are better than the rest. And to show the world that vampires and Lycans really do exist. So to save the lives of the covens. A group of eight are gathered together. A mix of Vampires and Lycans they must put their differences aside and combine there powers and knowledge to save there races before the hunters find and destroy them all.

The Hunters

Legends and lore have always told of Lycans and Vampires, but as humans we believe those tales to be just that tales to scare little children at night. But for a special group of people those tales ring true. They grow up training and honing their skills and natural born talent to hunt down both of the creatures. For if left unchecked they could destroy or enslave the human race. And it is up to the hunters to protect all of man kind. Until the year of 1437, it was like all Vampire and Lycan activity stopped. Thinking they had finally one the battle against The Covens, they sent word to all active hunters to return home. Even though there was no more activity from there sworn enemies the hunters still continue to hone their skills. Incase there ever came a day that they were needed again. And sure enough ten years later the Hunters were needed again to hunt down a rouge grope of Lycans and Vampires mixed together. Which has never been seen before, so to handle the new threat Six of the most talented Hunters are gathered together to hunt down the group of rouges to protect the humans way of life.

The Rouges

The rouges are led by Mileena she is the only one of her kind. She is the only hybrid to ever exist. Mileena was born a human and fell victim to a vicious attack by both a vampire and a lycan. The process of making another hybrid has never been able to be duplicated. In the year 1446 Mileena decided to rebel against the coven council, she was tired of hiding in the shadows and she new that there was others would join her cause. In the end she found a total of twelve who would join the cause. And with this they planned there attack, on October 14, 1447. The rouges attacked a small village about 50 miles away from the council's location. They killed everyone except the children, they held the prisoner and would turn them later so they to would join her cause when they were of age. And with this the game was on, who would succeed?

It is a race against time to see who will be the saviors of humanity. Will it be The Covens or The Hunters who restore the peace to the world. Or will they join forces and hunt the rogues together? The choice is yours on how the story unfolds but for now do you chose to side with The Covens, The Hunters Or The Rouges?

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