Well, this weekend has been filled to the brim with activities. There actually has been very little time for me to record how I have been reflecting. I had to practice for my musical audition, and then I had to work a double at my other job. Yes, I have two jobs, I go to school, I am also in three music ensembles, and finally I decide to make this year about writing. Madness, I know. Well, I came up with a little something I suppose?

Her leather boots crunched when she locked her body into a kneel. Aloysius did not acknowledge Vladimira's hostile pose, even with her toting two guns aimed at his chest.
"Dear, I'm dressed for a dance, do you suppose you could do me the honor?" Aloysius finished his inquiry by flourishing his hand down towards the young woman. He flashed a genuine smirk that showcased his perfect white teeth, and chuckled when she failed to answer.
Vladimira's heart jolted in a double rhythm when he spoke to her. The pitches to his voice were too wonderful, and it only aided her memory to run rampant with all of the things they had done together in the past.
She lowered one of her guns, and while still clenching it, she adjusted her glasses using her wrist all while keeping the gun pointed at some spectrum of Aloysius's body.
"I guess I can spare you this one request Aloy, but should you try and defile me, I'll end you faster than you can achieve an erection." The crimson haired woman bent over to place her guns on the ground, all while her lustrous emerald eyes kept contact with Aloysius.

I have no idea.