Z Day

In the year 2013 the world as we know it ended. A strange virus was released in every country around the world. With in minutes people that came into contact with the virus changed. Turning those that changed into a zombie of sorts. They didn’t attack people to eat them but to just turn them. If you were bitten by the infected you would have 10 seconds before you would change as well. When there was no one around for the infected to attack they would go into a dormant state, just slowly moving around waiting for the next victim No one knew for sure where it originated from. But from the information that was slowly gathered by brave men and women some of which lost there lives to find the information. We were able to figure out that the virus only infected those who were in perfect health. Scientists came up with a vaccine, it didn’t cure the virus or prevent you from changing but it camouflaged you from the infected. Allowing you to walk around freely with out the fear of being attacked. But only a few months past with everyone feeling a little safer did that change. The infected began to evolve. Most of them stayed as they were, but there were others that were different. Putting the balance back into there hands, there were a total of 5 new infected:
The Siren~ She looked like a little girl that wonders around aimlessly. She is blind and can not see you but she can hear and smell you. Her hearing is so acute that she could hear a pin drop from twenty feet away. When she hears or smells a human she lets out an ear piercing cry that alerts all infected with in a three block radius.

The Scout~ He is fast and cunning, he can climb any building with ease and will attack with out precedence. He can tell if you are a human being camouflaged or if you are truly one of the sick.

The Trapper~ Is tall and lanky and can ensnare you with his very long arms to try and prevent your escape, from the rest of the infected. They are very hard to notice right off because they tend to stick the shadows for cover.

The Bomber~ They spray you with a strange mist that marks you for all the zombies with in a one block radius to find you. The can sense if you are camouflaged or truly sick.

The Breaker~ He is not very fast as the others but fast enough to do damage. He is the tank of the infected, his strength is unrivaled. He uses his strength to break down strong hold defenses. And will attack anything that moves or makes a noise. Making him one of the most feared of the evolved infected. Although he is big and strong, if you hit him with everything you got he can be taken down. But its best to just avoid him if possible.

Now that the camouflaged vaccine wasn’t working like it use to. Will you move from place to place trying to stay one step ahead of the infected? Or will you try and hold your strong hold and hope that it doesn’t become breached? The choice is yours but never let your guard down. There is no telling when they will evolve again and our camouflaged will no longer work.

((I did have this as an rp under another account, but that account was lost to a stupid hacker scream ))