Love is such a dreadful beauty. It gives birth to miracles and happiness, and is so powerful and bountiful that not even an abyss could contain it all in. Yet, at the same time, it is an ugly thing, fat with jealousy and fear. It can forge the brightest of smiles while also spawning the vilest of frowns. Powerful and big as it is, it gives us little warning before it comes crashing down upon us, swifter than shadows and scarier than night. It's a frighteningly delightful thing to fall in love, to find that person who makes your own heart wish to break its bony cage and embrace its new master. Love is never alone though, no, it is always sure to bring along friends. Fear is its closest and loudest friend of all. The fear of losing, hurting or even loving the person pierce into you unexpectedly and infect you. It's an illness, one that can't be cured with medicine or time. It will linger long after the love has fled, and will most likely hole itself up within your heart until you are someday brave enough to face it and exile it once and for all. Brave actions, and brave actions alone, are the cure for only they can dispel fear.
If love knew not of fear, and its only ally were happiness, then perhaps falling for someone would not be such a painful experience. But alas, love and fear are like kin, and are never without each other. So how do we combat love's nasty friend? Must we fight it at all? Can we truly know love without fear? Is fear the very thing that makes love so beautiful in the first place? If we did not fear to lose the one we love, then how could we confidently say we are in love at all? Perhaps fear is the thing that kindles our love, that makes it burn bright, hopefully bright enough to cast out the shadows of doubt and dread. So maybe fear isn't so bad after all, if we learn to deal with and accept it.
Look at me, casting love and fear as villains, only to later recast them as misunderstood heroes. Typing this actually made me feel a little better, and answered several questions that were plaguing both my heart and mind. That may be why my writing went from something depressing to something...inspiring? No, that hardly fits. Well, whatever it became, the latter is certainly more uplifting than the former.
Thanks for reading, I hope my awkward writing didn't make you too uncomfortable.
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