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Zexal Dueling School This is about a boy who got hacked and is trying to fit in once again but on a different crazy adventure

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LAST TIME ON YUGIOH GAIA!!!! Tekusen was angry, he realized, and now he is on his way to the Universeity, what sort of adventures will he have there and what new duelist will he duel FIND OUT!!! NOW!!!

(story takes place on the cruise ship that leads to the island at night)

GUARD 1: so you have any idea what is going on with this ship?

GUARD 2: not a clue.

(now it shows the back of the ship and a person climbing on board wearing all black to cover their identity, but as soon as the person hops aboard he/she drops a card called destiny diamond dude. whoever this person is, seems to me like their in trouble)

(now we go to the cruise gate at 12 midday, and we see all the kids going to the duel university, after the big speech, they start to hop aboard the ship)

TEKUSEN: bye mom i will make you proud!!

KIKO: i know you will sweetie i love you!!

TEKUSEN: *smiles and stares at his little sis and he sticks his tounge out at her* XP

SHIRA: *holding his teddybear* bye big brother~!!!

TEKUSEN: *blushing with anger* HEY THATS MINE!!!! *everyone laughs* oh great ~3~

(the ship departed 30 minutes ago and we see tekusen in his room, the ship takes about 3 days to make it to the island)

TEKUSEN: ahhhh nothing but smooth sailing from here -u- *lays back and takes a snooze but*

RANDOM GUY: AHHHH!!! where is it where is it!!! *looking around* ohhh man where is it!!

TEKUSEN: *wakes up* can i help you?!

(that is Witrome, he is more of a nerdy duelist than a duelist himself, he knows every card known to the game)

WITROME: oh hehehe im sorry im looking for my card reader and i cant find it, my dad gave it to me when i made it into the university

TEKUSEN: well lets go look for it. i will help you *gets up*

(they both walk down the side of the ship and see on the front is a duel going on and they decide to join the crowd and watch)

OPPONENT: ok i summon luster dragon in attack mode, attack his face down monster!!

MECHIRO: hahaha weak i activate my trap card magical cylinders, now your attack is sent directly at you!!!


OPPONENT: awww i lost again *he runs off*


MECHIRO: Tekusen? hehehe you forgot my dad is rich and i got in like that remember? hahaha and i see you found the kid who let me borrow his card reader.

TEKUSEN: more like you stole it!!

WITROME: Tekusen no thats Mechiro!! he is a really good duelist he will beat you in less than 2 turns.

TEKUSEN: hehehe well you might find this hard to believe but i beat him in a tornament. ^u^'

WITROME: *laughs softly* hahaha thats funny Tekusen

MECHIRO: so i guess i wont need this anymore *puts it on the ground and is about to break it*


TEKUSEN: NO I CHALLANGE YOU MECHIRO!! if i win you give witrome his card reader thingy back, but if you win, you can break it.

MECHIRO: fine 2 losers and i get to break something, this will be fun.

(they both look at each other and press the buttons on there bracelets and they transform into dueldisks)



TEKUSEN: seeing as though this is my new deck, i will go first, *draws* i summon goblinberch in attack mode and i activate his ability and i can special summon a level 4 or lower monster from my hand and i choose shining knight in defense mode, and now his ability activates, when he is in defence mode, he acts as a level 4 instead of level 3. now i activate the card light wave tuning and i put it on my shining knight. Now tune in order to summon Avenging Airknight Parshath, and i set one card face down, your move.

MECHIRO: fine this is also a new deck so here i go *draws* i place one monster face down and activate book of moon and i activate it on your parshath, its now in facedown defence mode. i end my turn with a face down.

TEKUSEN: thats it? ok fine i draw *draws* oh this will be fun i summon ninja grandmaster susake in attack mode and i flip summon my airknight parshath. now go ninja grandmaster attack his face down, and his ability activates, when he attacks a facedown defence position monster its destroyed automatically, leaving you wide open for an attack cause now my airknight is gonna attack you directly, GO AIR KNIGHT SLASH!!!

MECHIRO: i activate my trap card ultimate offering, by paying 500 life points i can summon a monster and i summon one monster facedown in defence mode.

TEKUSEN: see that wont matter cause my airkngiht is still gonna attack and inflict damage!!

MECHIRO: ohhh im well aware of your parshath's ability *looks at the card reader* ohhh interesting, when it attacks a monster in defence mode, the difference it inflicted to my life points but that wont matter.


MECHIRO: you flipped summon man eater bug hahahahaha i will still get hit for attack but i can destroy one monster on the field due to my bugs ability and i choose your parshath.

TEKUSEN: noooo parhshath!!! grrrrr (4000 life points)

MECHIRO: i believe its my turn (1500 life points)

TEKUSEN: i set one card face down and end my turn.

MECHIRO: hmmm i summon silent swordsman level 2 in attack mode and i activate ultimate offering to normal summon again, and i choose to summon feedback warrior in attack mode, and feed back warrior's ability activates, when its normal summoned or special summoned, i can choose another monster on my side of the field and it becomes a level 3 monster and i choose my silent swordsman lvl2. now OVERLAY!!! I exceed summon NUMBER 20 GIGA-BRILLIANT!!!

TEKUSEN: ohhhhh no im in trouble!!!

MECHIRO: and i activate his ability, i remove one overlay unit to have him gain 300 attack, NOW ATTACK HIS NINJA!!! BRILLIANT SWARM!!!

TEKUSEN: *falls to one knee* nnnggh (3700 life points)

MECHIRO: your move *laughs*

TEKUSEN: ohh man i need a good card other wise im done for *draws* and i think i got the card. i place one card facedown and end my turn

MECHIRO: thats it little teku hide like the little chicken you are, *draws* i activate giga-brilliant's ability again making him 2400, ATTACK HIM DIRECTLY!!!

TEKUSEN: AHHHHH *falls* (1300 life points)

MECHIRO: and i think i will activate ookazi and hit you for an extra 800 and i end my turn.


TEKUSEN: There is one thing you forgot about Mechiro, I beat you once, and i will beat you again. *draws* YES!!! first off seeing as though you have a mosnter and i don't i get to special summon Elder of the Six samuri in attack mode and seeing as though i special summoned i can now normal summon, and i summon command knight in attack mode. NOW I OVERLAY THEM IN ORDER TO EXCEED SUMMON NUMBER 39 UTOPIA!!! in attack mode!!! NOW UTOPIA ATTACK GIGA BRILLIANT!!!

MECHIRO: i activate my facedown Magical Cylinders!! now your mosnters attck is going directly toward you!!

TEKUSEN: nope i dont think so cause i activate Utopia's ability, by removing one overlay unit from him i can negate my attack, which means your trap card is rendered useless now!!


TEKUSEN: and thats not all cause now i activate double or nothing, when a monster on my side of the field attacks and its negated, i can make the monster attack again and his attack points are doubled until the end of turn!! NOW NUMBER 39 UTOPIA ATTACK!!! SHINING SLASH!!!

MECHIRO: AHHHHH (0 life points)

TEKUSEN: YEAH!!! (winner)
I will be taking back the card reader now Mechiro.

MECHIRO: *slides it over to him* whatever *walks away*

WITROME: *picks up his card reader* wow so it is true, you did beat Mechiro, im sorry for ever doubting you.

TEKUSEN: you were doubting me?!

WITROME: uhhhhh oh look a buffet

TEKUSEN: MINE!!! *jumps in line and takes one of everything* man this is gonna be the best 3 days ever!!!

TEKUSEN: hey guys thanks for taking time to read this but im sorry, this episode must come to a close, cause next time something strange is happening on this boat and its up to me to find out.

MECHIRO: how i get stuck in a duel with you is beyond me.



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