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Chapter 2: Silvers Darkside.

He knows I'm hiding her from him? No, of course not he just knows that she's hiding. Debating with myself, I look down at Milenda's sleeping body. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I'm not going to give her to him, but if I don't return he'll know something's up. How do I get away from her without her knowing I'm working for Lord X? Well she'll find out sooner or later and I rather it to be later. "Silver, darling, where are you?" Damn I almost forgot my link to that b*tch. "Lord X is waiting for you." Maybe if I annoy her she'll leave me alone. "You better answer me! I know you can hear me!" "Tell him I'll be back in a lil' while." Scarlett's a pest. I don't see why he wants her around. After awhile she responded, "Whatever. Your call. Just be quick, you know he don't like waiting."

Now what do I tell Milenda? I need her to stay here while I'm gone. "God I hate this." As I studied her, I noticed an outline of a star on her tail. "Oh great. She's Scarlett's 'good' half." Milenda's body jerked away from me. "Who's Scarlett?" her eyes were shut but I could tell she was definitely awake. "No one." her eyes flew right open and she studied m carefully. "Don't worry about it." I gave her a reassuring smile and she just shrugged her shoulders. "But I do need to go for a lil' awhile. Please don't open the door for anybody." Is he just going to leave and never come back? her thoughts came to me instantly. "I promise you, I'll be back before midnight." she just stared at me without saying a word for what was the longest time before she laid back down. Milenda just seem to glow with good energy all around her that it broke my heart that she wasn't evil like I am. Maybe I'll get her to change but if I cant then I'll give her up.

"Took long enough." God, I hate her. I just got here and she wants to bite my head off. "Won't you suppose to be guarding the lake for any new demons?" I nodded my head. "Then how did you ;et this new cat demon slip right pass you?" I thought about what I should say to Scarlett. Anything but the truth. "I dozed off, I guess. I didn't wake up until you called me." as I spoke I studied how much Scarlett looks like Milenda. The only difference was that Scarlett's star outline is located on the back of her ear.

Here features were as cold as ice when she stared at me. "Whatever. Your punishment, not mine." She walked out and in her place Him. His dark power filled the room. Terror ran down my spine. He stood there like he was made from stone. Eyes so dark, his features were colder than anything I ever saw. Lord X gave evil a whole new name. " You are so f*cking, careless." I felt frozen in place, just waiting for him to lash out. "Answer me this; Did you want her to get away?" All I could do was to shake my head. "Well you did. That girl has powers that I could use. Her powers make Scarlett look like a lost kitten." he started pacing in a circle around me shaking his head.. Shadow demons usually keep track of their targets, so he may already have a lead on where Milenda is. "I found her through the realm of dreams. But the location wasn't clear." I did a mental sigh. "I want you to find her Silver. This will be your last chance, you have one week." He knows something! my guilty conscience screamed at me.

Just one week to turn her evil or she's going to hate me. Walking out into the darkness of this world, the image of Milenda sleeping so peacefully popped into my mind. "Silver?" her voice was so soft that it was truly heart breaking. Just for a moment, I wish that I was on the side of good. "I hope you'll forgive me. Believe me when I say, I never meant you any harm." So you know where she's at? Scarlett's thoughts startled me. "What are you talking about?" her paws went up my spin and around my neck. "You know exactly what I'm talking about," she purred seductively . It made the fur on my back stand straight up. "Where is she, darling?" she made her voice as sweet as she could. "Wouldn't you like to know." I smirked. "Listen I don't know where she is. So go f*ck yourself and mind your own business." her touch vanished from my body along with her presence.

I found myself at the lake of dark powers. But it never giver a pure soul powers, unless it knew it wasn't going to be pure for long. Which means it is possible for her to be evil. Excitement was filling me. "You are going to be mine, Forever." a smile spread across my face.

"Forgive me." Silver's voice wake me from my dream. "Silver? Where are you?" I took a good look at myself in the mirror, which was on the closet door, myself as a demon. Everything about me changed, all except the color of my hazel eyes. I stared at my reflection for a long time until I started to see Silver standing at the edge of a lake. He was staring into it smiling, like a little boy. My heart was racing right out of my chest. Something about his smile made my stomach turn. After a moment or two the image went back to me sitting up on the smooth wooden bed (which was meant for two). I just lay back down. I felt like if I left the bedroom something was going to happen. The room just felt so safe, like it was a mom and I was its child. I started to dream about my old life. The life I had before I died. "Hey, lazy wake up." I felt someone pulling my arm so gently. "Five more minutes," I mumbled. He sighed and I heard footsteps leave then reentered the room. Cold. Super cold water fell on my face. An automatic growl escaped my mouth as my body jerked into a sitting position. "What the hell was that for?!" I screamed at Silver, who was laughing. "We need to go." he said after he got his laughter out. "He knows where you're at; he's goin’ to send someone after you." Energy felt like it was being drained out of me at the mention of the evil lord. I didn't want to go because no matter what he's going to find me sooner or later. Besides what would a lord want with me? I just got here, I haven't done anything wrong. "Lord X senses power coming, so he kills every new good demon that comes." Silver forced me out of the bed and carried me out of the cabin. The meadow felt like it was losing power. It scared me. I wanted to run back into the cabin, at least in there I felt safe. Leaving the meadow was darker; nothing about this world is safe. It makes me want to act like a little kid and cry for mommy. Which now that I think about it that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The other demons that we passed just stared at us with hate burning their souls. Some of them mumbled curses under their breath; others either stared or flipped us off. It was the most uncomfortable walk I ever went through. They acted like we were the bad guys. Silver stopped at a bloody red brick building that said "Last Dream Hotel." "Here we are," he said, "We'll be staying here for a while. Silver took my hand and lead me inside. He told me to stay seated on the lobby couch while he goes check us in. I could feel eyes burning into the back of my skull. “What’s going on?” I whimpered as my hand shot up to my neck. The same place that demon bitten me at, the one from my dream. The pain was so intense that my surroundings were starting to spin. Everything around me was going dim, the more I wanted to pass out. “Mommy!” I heard a child cry from far away. “Mommy, look Ms. Scarlett is about to go night, night.” Scarlett? “Milenda, sweetie, are you okay?” Silver’s voice broke through the dizziness. It felt like I couldn’t speak. Like I was being choked. I couldn’t breath, the room around me was getting darker….

The memories of my family buries beneath my heart. Pictures of them crying, they don’t know yet that my human self is dead and rotting in the river. The Cape Fear River. Someone pushed in, knowing that I would drown. I heard them laughing at my suspense. But who would do such a thing to me? More memories came back. I remembered being one of the most popular girls in the 11th grade. I got along with just about everyone. Well except for one girl. I didn’t even know her but yet she told me that she hated me. She made the atmosphere around me so dark and gloomy. At times when I saw her, it felt like I was the only one who knew she existed. One memory that haunts me so clearly is the day when she told me that I was a dead girl walking. The same day I died and woke up falling into that dark black lake. A loud unbearable screamed escaped me. My body jerked up and I woke up from another nightmare. Everyday when I tried to sleep in this world, I always had nightmares of my past. Laying on the bed, I curled myself up into a ball. Even through these tears, I saw everything that surrounded me. On the table beside me I saw something sharp that shined in the light. A dagger. I wanted the endless nightmares to end. Unconsciously I sat up and grabbed the dagger. All I want is for the nightmares to end, but do I want to take my own life? “Do it.” A female voice whispered, “All your nightmares and pain will all come an end.” I started slashing at my wrists. With every new cut I could feel the icy cold breath of death breathing on my neck. I could feel me falling into the sleep on internal slumber.

I look down at my sister’s motionless body. I walk towards the bed to see if she was still alive. Her chest was slowly going up and down. Her wrist was so bloody that I had to look away. She just looks so harmless that it was hard to believe that she, a half-demon, was all powerful. And Sliver was lying to Lord X. “He’s a dead cat when X finds out he has been hiding her.” Footsteps were walking towards the room. Searching the room for a hiding place invisibility kicked in when the lying fur ball walked into the room. The look on his face was priceless when he saw my half-dead sister on the bed covered in her own blood. He was only inches away from where I was standing.

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