My roommate told me the other night that I should probably take up writing again. She is the editor of the school's newspaper, and apparently a few people have felt that I can somehow wield a pen as accurately as a sword. Either way, I guess it would be something fun to do rather than browsing tumblr for hours on end.
Currently I'm writing a new Pathfinder's campaign, and I'm coloring a map. It's peaceful I suppose. I figured everyone can start in a brothel, and I'm going to make them "choose" a leader wink This person will actually own the brothel, and the person they choose as "second in command" will actually be the best show girl, or show boy in the house.
After writing a faux fanficiton, it made me miss actual writing. Something about having fun while writing, HA! Who does that anymore? I guess I'll use this to chronicle how this all goes. Iris,my roommate, said I should start an original story. She's already harassing me about having my faux fanfiction put into the school literature magazine. I'm going to start writing what I imagine while I'm walking. I'm curious to see what I imagine in a single day. Haha smile Erm? Enjoy?