I. Am. Pagan. End of story, no arguments, no "Your soul will be damned to hell" 's. Just... No. Know why I'm Pagan? Because Christianity stopped answering the questions I needed answered, and a lot of people twisted it when I was a child that I just don't know. All of that excludes the very judgemental people experienced as a child. I'm not saying Christianity itself is wrong, it teaches a lot of valuable lessons and i have much love for my old God, but It's just not right for me. I like Paganism. I like the electric feeling of magick running through my veins. I love how much I have learned and grown as a person because I became Pagan. I love the two Gods and Goddess I serve, I feel completely loved when I think of them. I mean... Yea, Eros and Hades are nice n all... But my Lords and Lady are the only Gods I really know to fully accept a broken 'Fallen Angel'. I love them for that. I always will. End of story.
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