Found this on tumblr, and this is something I'd like to do when I have the time.

Day 1: Favorite Male Character


Day 2: Favorite Female Character


Day 3: Least Favorite Male Character

Jake or Shark

Day 4: Least Favorite Female Character

Dr. Aris

Day 5: Favorite Villain

Dr. Crombel

Day 6: Least Favorite Villain


Day 7: The Most Badass Character


Day 8: Favorite Organization


Day 9: Favorite Team Up

Regis&M21 vs Rodin&Ked


Seira and Rael vs Ignes and Anti-Clan Leader Weapons

Day 10: Favorite Fighting Scene

RK-4 vs Rael

Day 11: Favorite RK Member


Day 12: Least Favorite RK Member


Day 13: Best Comical Scene

My Salary and/or Forehead Flicking

Day 14: Favorite Pairing


Day 15: Least Favorite Pairing

Day 16: Favorite Union Leader

Day 17: Least Favorite Union Leader

Day 18: Favorite Clan Leader

Karias Blerster

Day 19: Favorite Friendship

Rai and Frankenstein

Day 20: Unforgettable Rai Moment

First time opening the door

Day 21: Saddest Moment/s In Manhwa

Day 22: Favorite Soul Weapon

Day 23: Unforgettable RK Moment

My Salary

Day 24: A Character You Want to be Like

Day 25: A Character With So Much Potential

Shinwoo and Ikhan

Day 26: Favorite Quote/s By a Character

Day 27: Favorite Season or Arc

Day 28: Saddest Death by a Character


Day 29: Favorite Human Character


Day 30: What Do You Like About Noblesse?