Poetry and Lyric

*~You Win~*
I'm sick of your games and lies; I give up you win, I'm throwing in the towel do these games never end? , I'm not your pawn, I refuse to take part, Won't be hurt by you again you've dismantled my heart, Emotionally beaten and broken, I'll leave the rest unspoken, My body is tired and feelings gone numb, I must surrender I admit it you've won, 'Cause playing your ******** up games isn't any fun.

*~Can't do this~*
This can't go on, I will live this way no more, For without you my heart feels torn, I long for your presence your being with me, In your arms is where I desire to be, listening to your heart beat accelerate more and more, You're so deep in my heart you're striking the core, Without you by my side I feel so alone, Come home my angel I can't do this on my own, One more second without you I just might perish, If you'll just come back to me love forever you'll be cherished, Another moment without you and I know I will die, these feelings my love they just won't subside, So please hold me close and take your place by my side.

Rescuer of ever changing years, conqueror of all my fears, Shadows turn, and hearts they yearn, forever doubtless, good times countless, A wake in the night, Staying up to twilight, Forever says you to I, We shall never say goodbye, But as candles grow dim, Times look grim, This is it you say to me, As I cry please don't leave, I love you is said only one last time, Then we finish this silly rhyme, And our two souls are intertwined, Though you left me behind, I know you'll be waiting in the next life, So this ends with no strife, Says the widow to her love below.

*~Deceived Heart ~*
I was apprehensive at first giving him my heart, Little did I know he'd tear it apart, He betrayed my trust lied to my face, Now I wish we'd never met in the first place, If he loved me like he had claimed, Why did I not see the same? ,I gave him my all and in return he watched me fall, I must have been out of my mind, To think that he had been the perfect find, Told of his deception by another, Don't know what to see as true, Thought there would be no other, I knew not what to do, As you piled on your lies, Expecting me to be surprised, I knew what was coming, So quietly I sat back numbing, forgetting who you were to me, As calmly I get up and leave, Though I secretly wished you'd have chased after me, Just to show that you truly did want us to be, I know that you won't be there, And damn how I wish I didn't care, But I'll be fine, I just have to find the one who truly is mine.