Poetry and Lyric

*~Eternal ~*
We two lie, Just you and I, Right Beneath this tree, Underground there is no sound, aside from the love remaining of you and me,Our hearts stopped beating long ago though I still recall the pound, And though the years fly by our hearts will forever be bound, Though Love this much is true, There is nothing I might rather do, Than lie here by your side wasting my eternity with you.

Pick up your weapon child and prepare for a war, Though beaten and battered with flesh all ripped and torn, The battle has begun so fear for your life, Are you ready to begin this fight? , A sword of salvation, A chain of pain, A soldier of honor disgracefully slain, A gun of insecurity, A knife of betrayal, A scream from the ring of a liberty bell, We all know we are to die, Yet still we sound the battle cries, We lay down our arms this battles finally threw, But as I lay dying I know it wasn't in vain for I did this all for you.

A love like this is so intense, Yet at the same time so bliss, whenever I see you I get butterflies, If you were to leave me I just might die, You always make me smile, You made me see why life was worth while, My dear heart if only you could see, how very much you truly mean to me.

*~Fairy Tales~*
A story of love untold, A secret that shortly unfolds, Enchantment and riches, Fear of the witches, True love's first kiss, And the prince to never miss, And such as happily ever after goes, Before the last petal falls from the rose

Like a Phoenix in a cage, Flames burning in a rage, Talons fastened to the ground, No joyful light to be found, Sorrow strongly fills the air, Master hums without a care, Anger rises flames all burn, No surprises no where to turn, Rays of light gates unlock, Fire burns brightly no road blocked, Wings spread wide, Free to fly, Now soar, Forever more, Like a phoenix flying free, Burning brightly forever she'll be, Though master may yearn, For "His beloved" birds return, Never shall she cease, Now that she's been released, His mistake is his disgrace, Now him she'll never have to face.